Real Estate Agent Training, "Kick Start for Success"

Professional Service Starts With professional Agent 

This real estate agent training will give you the ground basics of the realtor profession. The Real Estate Agents has a big rule in a successful transaction, There many skills that that agents need to have before starting work.
We have customize a 3 day’s training that will give new agents and existing agents the tools to become a successful real estate agent in Thailand.

Here are the main training topics:

  • The Golden Way to Success as a realtor
  • How to use Real Estate Technology

    Real Estate Agent Training Certificate

  • Set Goals, Expectation and Learn how to Reach them 
  • Mental preparation – get ready for your life career 
  • Build your Business
  • Area of Expertise (Farming)

  • Recruiting Properties
  • FSBO
  • Meeting the Property Owner
  • Exclusive Listing (Why & How)
  • Objection Handling
  • Marketing Action Plan (MAP)
  • Graduation and certificate
  • Personal Assignment 

Get the RE/MAX Thailand real estate Training Certificate of Participation

Participants that completed the real estate agent training will get the opportunity to interview with one of the RE/MAX Offices (if there is an office near their area). Note: RE/MAX Offices will only accept new graduated on a Full Time Job Agents basis. Agent that accepted will need to complete a 60 day’s probation program in the office. RE/MAX Thailand does not guarantee Employment, Job or any position with RE/MAX or any of the offices.