Property Inspection Training for Professional Real Estate Agents


Property Inspection – Comprehensive Training for Inspections 

A new owner or tenant  will want to feel assured that their family is safe in their new house, condo, apartment or shop-house. That the property is in good , safe condition and efficient. Real Estate Agents can be assured by having properties inspected prior to sale or rent, offering a caring and diligent service. DBR Professional Property Inspection offers exactly that care and diligence that real estate agent, Property owner and prospective buyer were looking for their properties. DBR inspectors will also check for dampness, mold or rotting in walls, floors, ceiling and windows frames. indicating potential water leakage from the roof, rising damp or leaky windows or doors, or even water pip breakage. we call this property inspection the Peace of Mind Report and it is conducted according to rigorous international standards. 

Property Inspection – offers training and examination report on:


  • Inspection for structural integrity, possible cracks & other potential issues with foundations etc.
  • Inspection walls, frames and seals & long term potential maintenance 

Plumbing Inspection

  • Inspection for leaks or potential leaks, pipe sizes, flow rates & pressure, water pump, taps & faucets and overall integrity inspection   

Electrical Inspection

  • Fully examine the costumer Main board / Trip switches for correct voltage, amperage & grounding 
  • Inspect and test wire core sizes and integrity of connections throughout the property
  • Inspect and test plug sockets for correct wiring 
  • Inspect and test lighting fixtures, bulb wattage, dimmers and switches


  • Property Inspection for leaks or potential leaks, pipe sizes, flow rates and pressure, water pump, taps and overall integrity 

Air Conditioning

  • Inspect refrigerant levels
  • Inspect for leakages in copper pipes or drain pipes
  • Inspect and check BTU size and energy efficiency, installation and cables        

The Inspection Report will be delivered up to 3 days after the Inspection

DBR will offer remedies for any safety or efficiency issues founded in the Property Inspection 

Your Peace Of Mind Property Inspection can be ordered by any RE/MAX Agent

Price 10,000 baht for property up to 120 SQM

Price 15,000 baht for property up to 400 SQM

You can order this home inspection in advance with your nearest local RE/MAX Agents. Our team provide service all over Bangkok. If you are interested in a service outside of Bangkok please contact us to schedule the Inspection service. 

Property Inspection Training Day 

This Training will give you the tools to provide Basic Property Inspection to property owners the main Topics of the training are:

  • Inspection Fundamentals
  • Exterior and Interior Inspection 
  • Electric Inspection 
  • Plumbing Inspection 
  • Furniture Condition 
  • General Property Integrity
  • Property Inspection as a “Deal-Maker”


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