Real Estate Law & Regulation Training

In Thailand there are no Real Estate Agent / Broker Acts prescribing the required duties and responsibilities of such a real estate agent / broker services, there are many international rules that we are following in Thailand and our goals is to educate the local real estate agents with the common practice of a real estate agent / broker.

This Law & Regulation Training is the basic training for real estate agent and was design to give real estate agent the tools and basic knowledge in to the day to day activities. This law and regulation training does NOT give you the right to act as a lawyer or advice matters that not in your profession.


Main Topics of Real Estate Law and Regulation Training Course:

  • History of Thai Law
  • Land Office
  • Type of Land Title
  • Land Ownership
  • Condominium Ownership
  • House Ownership Separated from the Land
  • Property Ownership by Company
  • Property Tax’s
  • Contract & Agreement
  • Real Estate Code of Ethics 

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