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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Ang Thong, Central - Thailand

Ang Thong, Central - Thailand

What do you need to know about Ang Thong?

Ang Thong is one of the 76 provinces of Thailand and it is placed in the central region of the country. The province gets its name from the basin-like geography of its area and the golden color the rice which is grown in the region. The neighboring provinces surrounding Ang Thong if went from the north in the clockwise direction would be, Sing Buri, Lopburi, Ayutthaya, and Suphanburi. The presence is home to various native handicrafts which include court dolls, wickerwork, firebrick, and many more. The most intriguing attractions of the province are that there are more than 200 Buddhist temples present in its vicinity but there are only nine main temples that have been promoted to as “paying homage to nine auspicious temples”, they include Wat Chaiyo Worawihan, Wat Khun Inthapramun, Wat Pa Mok Worawihan, Wat Tonson, Wat Mahanam, Wat Thasutthawat, Wat Siroi, Wat Khian and, Wat Muang. The province was originally known as Wiset Chai Chan and acted as an important border for the Ayutthaya kingdom during the war with Burma as the Noi River Acted as a natural obstacle for enemy troops. The total land area of the province is a little less than a thousand square kilometers and it has a population of 280,840 as per the records of the census that was conducted in the year 2018. The provinces divided into 7 districts which are then further subdivided into 73 sub-districts and 513 villages.

Few places of attraction in Ang Thong:

Ang Thong is a great place for tourists to visit and experience the wonders of the country in an unprecedented way. From places your family would love to visit for religious escapes, the place has it all. The best places for you to consider are shortlisted below.

Wat Muang:

This Temple present in the province is home to what is called the Great Buddha of Thailand also known as the Big Buddha. This enormous statue of the deity stands 300 feet high and 210 feet wide. the construction for the statue was started in 1990 and was completed after almost 20 years in 2008, the statue is made of concrete and is painted gold and The Buddha is present in the seated posture.

Ban Hun Lek:

This is an excellent place for you to visit with your family and kids and it is seen from past endeavors that this is the best place a child can be in the heart of Thailand. The area consists of several metal shops that take the scrap metal from industries and turn them into life-like figurines of fictional characters. The most famous sculptures from this area have been the characters from famous Hollywood films such as King Kong, Chuckie, The Incredible Hulk, and more, although the sculptures are not only limited to the movie characters, the shop also accepts custom made orders and produces abstract metal works.

How is the lifestyle in Ang Thong? 

You would be both surprised and assured to find that even though the province of Ang Thong is bleeding with life and excitement, the cost of living in the province is typically on the inexpensive side. The day to day expenses in Ang Thong can be delightfully low and the bare minimum you have to spend in order to get by would be around 10,000 Baht for groceries and miscellaneous expenses. The province houses property types ranging from one room studio condos for rent at about 35,000 Baht a month to deluxe multi bedded condos at about 650,000 Baht a month if you choose to settle down in the heart of the province. 

How is the Ang Thong real estate market? 

The real estate market in Ang Thong can be very inviting if you are looking for a place to settle down in the country or even if you want to rent a place. On the flip side, there are several factors for you to consider if you are buying a piece of property, such as if you wish to live near the central area which houses the Ang Thong Hospital, Ang Thong College of Dramatic Arts and many government offices, the prices of properties are a little costly whereas the prices drop, as you move farther from the area. For example, luxury villas or second hand single houses for  sale would cost you around 20,000,000 Baht in the central area, but at the same time, a villa or single house  for sale on the outskirts of the province would be priced around 1,380,000 Baht.

Land for Sale in Ang Thong

Land for sale is also popular in this province as Land Price are relatively lower than main area such as Bangkok. Keep in mind that Land Price is relevant to the development around it so if you are considering searching for land for sale make sure you apprise the prospective land for sale price before purchasing it.
Its also important to do a proper due diligent of the Land Title deed to understand what are the Land Zone rights on the specific Land.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Ang Thong and why?

Even though condos are dominating the real estate market in the rest of the country, villas and single house are the property type to look forward to in Ang Thong. Villas and Single house for rent are available in the range of 12,000 Baht to 35,000 Baht per month which is dependent on the location, size and type of property, that is whether it is close to various conveniences, or when it is a little further away from the bustling locations in the province, like areas near schools and hospitals. Those of you who are looking to settle down in Ang Thong would be glad to find the prices of the properties in the province are lower than many other places. In case you are looking for a condo for sale, the prices range from around 540,000 Baht to around 2,350,000 Baht again depends on the condo location, size and facilities of the building.

What are the main reasons to invest in Ang Thong properties?

The properties in Ang Thong sell themselves and there is nothing more to add other than stating that there isn’t a single person looking to buy a home that can overlook the properties in this province. The Rate of Returns (ROI) in the province is relatively higher than the other provinces and there is also the opportunity to indulge yourself in many intriguing activities as mentioned earlier in the article.