Condo for sale in Bangkok Under 3M Baht

Condo For Sale Under 2M Baht in Bangkok

Studio Room for sale in Bangkok under 3M Baht

Condo For Sale Under 3M In Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Cheap Condo for Sale in Bangkok 

Why people are investing in Real Estate Condo in Bangkok?

An all-in-one culture from around the world

Bangkok is a city filled with many diversities of people, cultures, food and entertainment places make Bangkok very easy to get used to live in and feel like at home.
Bangkok also serves as the Gateway-Hub to Southeast Asia and many flight goes through Bangkok international Airport(Suvarnabhumi).

Real Estate Property Law are easy with for foreigners, The law is very straight and simple, Who ever got in to the Kingdom of Thailand Legally can have the right to buy a Condo with Freeholding right (100% ownership),  This law give good incentive for buyers to buy a condo in Bangkok as in some other countries they cannot have the same rights of ownerships.

Good Yield and Capital Gain (ROI)

As Real Estate Property Condo Price keep on rising, Investors see the opportunity of investment in Bangkok Condo Property Market.
From a cheap studio condo unit to a 300SQM luxury Condo in Sukhumvit the capital gain of condo in Bangkok can be very high. Yield in not always the best reason to invest but putting together the Yield and Capital Gain you will get a good property investment in Condo in Bangkok.

Cost of living and Job Opportunities

Many Foreigners find their ways for a job in Thailand and stay living in Thailand for many other reasons.
As one of the most popular Tourist destinations in the world Thailand offers a lot of Business Opportunities.
With the easy go-to anywhere in Bangkok the transportation is very easy of choice, Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Sky Train, MRT Subway, Airport Link and many more lines are coming up as one of the biggest projects is now currently build in Bangkok.

Buying a condo in Sukhumvit and live with Lifestyle

Bangkok is well known for its wild nightlife, The city that never goes to sleep has tons of places for you to hang out and Party. Coffeeshops everywhere, giant shopping malls, Night Bars and some-day Bars and many night markets,

You can always find what you need in this city and everything is affordable, especially foods and transportations.
Real Estate Will be always a good investment as it has been proven for so many years.