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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Don Mueang, Bangkok, Central - Thailand

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Don Mueang, Bangkok, Central - Thailand

What do you need to know about Don Mueang?

Located in the Northern peak of Bangkok, Don Mueang is one of the fifty districts present in it. The district is bounded by three states, by Mueang Pathum Thani and Lam Luk Ka of Pathum Thani Province in the northern, Sai Mai, Bang Khen and Lak Si of Bangkok in the eastern and southern and Prak Kret of Nonthaburi Province in the western regions of the district. The district was originally a part of Bang Khen, it later became a district on its own right 1989. Again, later in 1997, the southern part of Don Mueang was split to establish a new district Lak Si. The older name of the province was ‘Don I Yiao’ which meant ‘plateau of eagles vultures’ because of its geographical position and due to abundance of eagles and vultures in the area. The new name of the province was given by the King Vajiravudh when the Royal Thai Air Force was established there. The climate in Don Mueang is hot all year round. The wet season in the overcast and the summer is mostly cloudy. The temperature of the district varies from 71 degrees Fahrenheit to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The district is further divided into three sub-districts: - 

  • Si Kan
  • Don Mueang
  • Sanam Bin

The economy of the province is dominated by the presence of Don Mueang International Airport. Airports of Thailand also has its office at Don Mueang. Thai Lion Air also has its head office in the district. The head offices of R Airlines and Solar Air are also on the property of Don Mueang. The Harrow International School, Bangkok is also in this district. 

How is the lifestyle in Don Mueang?

Don Mueang is one of the places in Bangkok that is typically laid back than the others, If you’re looking for a simple meal in an inexpensive restaurant it would cost you around 75 Baht whereas you would have to spend around 800 Baht if you’re looking to have a three course meal in a mid range restaurant. The cost of living in this district is also relatively low, a litre of milk would cost you about 50 Baht and a kilogram of rice could be bought with around 35 baht, a dozen of milk would cost you around 60 Baht. Transportation in this area is really cheap when compared to other districts. You can buy a one-way ticket in this area for about 30 Baht, A taxi can be used to travel around the district for around 50 Baht with an addition of 20 Baht per kilometres. Monthly passes are also available for around 2000 Baht. A general sedan vehicle in the area would cost you around 850,000 Baht.

The first-time visitors of this district are sure to be amazed at the simple yet happening life going on here. 

Few places of attraction in Don Mueang

There are a lot of places surrounding Don Mueang that attract tourists, from malls to an expressway that is nothing less than eye candy. Some of the places are discussed below

Central World Mall – First opened in 1990 the mall is said to be one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand. It is based in Bangkok, and houses over 900 shops selling branded clothes, jewellery shops and perfumes. The mall, aside from shopping can also be used to spend some pleasure time by watching a movie or playing with kids.

Black Ivory coffee farm

Have you ever had the chance to taste Black Ivory Coffee? If not you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The farm where this unique coffee is produced is a must visit if you’re in Bangkok. Walking with nothing nut coffee trees all around you is surely rejuvenating but the most intriguing part has to be the one when the coffee beans are cleaned through an elephant’s stomach. The process is somewhat similar to how Luwak coffee is produced.

Sky Bar

The State Tower situated near Don Mueang is the host of a world renowned bar on the roof above its 63 stories. You can enjoy your time on the roof with the relaxing open air and the best view of the city that is there. Participating in a thematic activity or listening to a live concert are other things to do according to your preference.

How is the Don Mueang Real Estate Market?

If you are looking forward to settling down in Don Mueang, you would probably want to look at condos (apartments) or villas (houses) for rent. Dependable on the size, type and location the condos range from 8,000 Baht to 70,000 Baht. If you’re looking for houses on rent you would have to pay around 15,000 Baht to around 85,000 Baht again depending on the size, location and type of the property. The real estate market in Don Mueang makes it one of the most accessible and safe in the whole country.
Land for sale and Single house for sale second hand will be the most popular property transaction in Don Mueang Airport area.
As the old Airport is situated in Don Mueang many people were living close by. House price around the Airport didn't appreciate much in the years but still count as a good area to live by.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Don Mueang and why?

It is always more satisfactory to stay at one’s own place than paying monthly rent and staying under a roof that isn’t yours. If you’re looking to settle down in Don Mueang condos are the more popular type of property in the district. Prices in the downtown area start from about 1,250,000 Baht to around 9,000,000 Baht if you are looking for a more luxurious property.

Whereas villas in the downtown area are priced around 3,500,000 Baht to around 28,000,000 Baht depending on the type and location.
Land and house is very common in this area.
Land for sale and Single house for sale second hand will be the most popular property transaction in Don Mueang area.

What are the main reasons to invest in Don Mueang properties?

It is quite evident that Don Mueang is an excellent place to invest in real estate properties. With a low cost of living and reasonable prices of properties, it is a hot destination for real estate investors.

Don Mueang International Airport

Is one of two international airports in Bangkok serving the big Bangkok
Metropolitan, the other International Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport IATA
code BKK. Before Suvarnabhumi opened in 2006, Don Mueang was main airport of
Thailand and previously known as Bangkok International Airport.

This airport is one of the world's oldest
international airports and Asia's oldest operating airport. It was
officially opened as a Royal Thai Air Force base on 27 March 1914.

In September 2006, Don Mueang Airport was
closed and replaced by the newly opened Suvarnabhumi Airport, before
reopening on 24 March 2007 after renovations. Since the opening of the new
airport, Don Mueang Airport has become a regional flight hub for low-cost
airline hub. In 2015, it became the world's largest low cost carrier
airport with 80 airlines operating 160,000 flights.

Main Airlines operating from Don Mueang Airport

Batik Air
Indonesia AirAsia
Malindo Air
Nok Air
Nok Scoot
Philippines AirAsia
Thai AirAsia
Thai Lion Air
Tigerair Taiwan