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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Hat Yai, Songkhla, South - Thailand

Hat Yai, Songkhla, South - Thailand

What do you need to know about Hat Yai?

Hat Yai is a city of the Songkhla Province in the south of Thailand and is situated near the Malaysian border. The city is the largest of its province and is located on the southernmost tip of Thailand. The area of the city is around 8.5 square miles and the population of the province as recorded in 2019 amounted to around one and a half million people as recorded by the census 2019. The city is often mistaken for the capital of the province as it is the largest metropolitan area in the south and the third-largest metropolitan area in the country. Hat Yai is the business center of the province while Songkhla is the capital and the nucleus of administration. The province was originally named khok Samet Chun and Hat Yai was the name of a small village, this was until the southern railway was built. After the railway construction, the area was one of the major railway hubs of the province. The Hat Yai village at that time was declared a community and was announced a sanitary district is the year 1935 in December. The town was later upgraded to the status of a city in the year 1995 consisting of a hundred and two communities which are divided into four zones. The name Hat Yai means big mahat tree which is a relative of jackfruits.

Few places of attractions in Hat Yai.

Hat Yai is home to many tourist attractions in its vicinity and some of them are unique only to the city and cannot be found anywhere else on this planet. Some of the locations are listed below for you to consider.

Greenway night market.

Your visit to Hat Yai would not be complete if you do not stop to experience the Greenway night market. The place is very popular among the locals as well as tourists and serves as an excellent place to either hang out or for trying out the famous foods of the city including mango sticky rice, Thai iced tea and many more. The food stalls and shops are extremely low priced and are preferable to all kinds of people.

Magic eyed 3-D museum.

The museum is an extraordinary sight to first time visitors with its mesmerizing 3-D wall and cunning floor paintings, the place is a haven for those appreciating modern art. The most intriguing feature of the museum is that numerous paintings of the museum are painted with the Trompe-l’oeil technique which makes it illusionary. You can choose to gaze at this magnificent structure with awe or to pose and click some pictures in front of the bizarre pieces.

How is the lifestyle in Hat Yai?

Hat Yai is located in the south of Thailand, If you’re looking for a simple meal in an inexpensive restaurant it would cost you around 75 Baht whereas you would have to spend around 800 Baht if you’re looking to have a three course meal in a mid-range restaurant. The cost of living in this district is also relatively low, a litre of milk would cost you about 50 Baht and a kilogram of rice could be bought with around 35 baht, a dozen of milk would cost you around 60 Baht. Transportation in this area is really cheap when compared to other districts. The BTS and MRT train lines pass through the city along with two trains served by KTMB Malaysia. You can buy a one-way ticket in this area for about 30 Baht, a taxi can be used to travel around the district for around 50 Baht with an addition of 20 Baht per kilometres. Monthly passes are also available for around 2000 Baht. A general sedan vehicle in the area would cost you around 850,000 Baht.

The first-time visitors of this district are sure to be amazed at the simple yet happening life going on here.

How is the Hat Yai Real Estate Housing Market?

If you are looking forward to settling down in Hat Yai, you would probably want to look at condos (apartments) or houses for rent or sale. Dependable on the size, type and location the condos range from 5,000 Baht to 25,000 Baht. If you’re looking for house for rent you would have to pay around 12,000 Baht to around 35,000 Baht again depending on the size, location and type of the property, that is the prices of the properties proceed in descending order as you move away from main area. The real estate market in Hat Yai is very interesting mark to invest in.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Hat Yai and why?

It is always more satisfactory to stay at one’s own place than paying monthly rent and staying under a roof that isn’t yours. If you’re looking to settle down in Hat Yai Single House are the more popular type of property in the district. Condo for sale start from about 1,000,000 Baht to around 9,000,000 Baht if you are looking for a more luxurious property.

Whereas single house for sale second hand market in the area are priced around 2,300,000 Baht to around 78,000,000 Baht depending on the type and mainly on the location.
Land for sale is also very popular in Hat Yai as the city is expending very fast and the need for development land is high.
Land price are reasonable but Land Price are always on the rise.  

What are the main reasons to invest in Hat Yai properties?

It is quite evident from the article that Hat Yai is one of the cheapest yet enjoyable places in the city. The prices of the properties are not too high to put your pocket under a crunch and maybe are just at the right place. Be it Real Estate investors or someone looking to settle down, the real estate in this area is really attracting to the masses and scope of returns is also there for those of you who are looking for a business.
Buying Land in Hat Yai will be a good long term investment as price will continue to rise.