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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Pak Chong - Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima-Korat, North-East - Thailand

Pak Chong - Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima-Korat, North-East - Thailand

What do you need to know Khao Yai?

The Khao Yai district is situated in the eastern part of Thailand just beteewn Nakhon Ratchasima - Korat and Nakhon Nayok which. lies in the central region of the country. The name of this district has seen many changes over the years. The district was originally named Pak Phli and was established in 1893. It was then named Bung Rai. Later in 1905, the district was renamed to Nong Po, later in that year the district office was moved to Ban Tha Phli and the government renamed the district to Khao Yai. Again in 1909, the district’s name was brought back to its original one Pak Phli. The original name Pak Phli came up when the locals travelled by water. The water in the Khlong Yang river flowed fast during the rainy season and was the cause of many accidents in that time. Thus, a shrine was made by the people to commemorate the dead and to salute their God which translates to Phli or Phli Kam in the Thai language. The district is rather larger than the others and is divided into seven sub districts and fifty-one villages. With the villages, there are eight tambon administrative organizations in the district. The subdistricts into which it is divided are as follows:

  • Ko Wai.
  • Ko Pho.
  • Pak Phli.
  • Khok Kruat.
  • Tha Ruea.
  • Nong Saeng.
  • Na Hin Lat.

Few places of attraction in Khao Yai.

You won’t be able to appreciate Khao Yai’s true beauty if you only visit the place for a day, an overnight stay is recommended by travellers around the world. There are quite a few attractions in Khao Yai and the place attracts a huge chunk of tourists every year. Few of the best places are shortlisted for you to consider.

Palio Village – This is a shopping centre designed in a Tuscan village style. It falls two hundred and twenty kilometres from Bangkok and serves the tourists a unique experience including gourmet foods, a large number of shops and stalls and a whole array of clothes and souvenir shops. It is situated in the laps of a forest in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The terracotta toned buildings mark a Mediterranean vibe around the place as soon as you enter the village. The climate is way cooler than Bangkok and a pleasant breeze can be felt blowing past caressing you almost all the time.

Gran Monte Estate – Just before you get into the Khao Yai national park there goes a side street that turns out to be an expensive valley that is used for the cultivation of grapes. The VinCotto restaurant and the cellar door shop are the most attractive highlights of this area. The restaurants serve delicious Italian delicacies for you to enjoy if you manage to go on the weekends you can even get a guided tour of the vineyard.

How is the lifestyle in Khao Yai?

Khao Yai is the most popular national park which is typically you want just to laid back than the rest. If you are looking for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant you would have to spend about 60 - 100 Baht and if you are looking to have a three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant you would have to spend about 800 Baht. The groceries available in Khao Yai are also really cheap, a litre of milk out cost you around 55 Baht if you’re looking to buy 1 kilogram of rice you would have to spend around 45 Baht. A dozen eggs would cost you around 55 Baht. If you’re looking forward to driving your own vehicle in Khao Yai you would have to pay around 760,000 Baht for a general sedan such as Toyota Corolla.

How is the Khao Yai Real estate market?

If you’re looking to settle down at Khao Yai you would definitely want to look at renting one- or two-bedroom condos or if you’re a fan of villas you can find that too here. The condos here can be rented with a mere 700 Baht per month if you can live in the quieter area of the city, otherwise, it can even cost you up to 20,000 Baht per month depending on the size and type of the property. On the other hand, house or villa would cost you about 15,000 Baht to 68,000 Baht dependent on the Location, Size, Type and seasone. Thus, it makes Khao Yai one of the most flexible regions in Thailand in terms of real estate.
If you would like to Rent a House or Rent a condo during the weekend you should expect a higher price and also should be booked in Advance as Khow Yai is very Popular place for Bangkok People to retreat in the weekends. The Khow Yai national Park attrack many visitors and tourists.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Khao Yai and why?

The ideal way of settling in Khao Yai would be by your own house instead of doing away with monthly rentals. With condos being the most popular property in the district with prices ranging from 150,000 Baht to 8,000,000 Baht depending on the location and size of the property. Condos dominate the market so much because there are many a number of small families and bachelor people in the are making the property choice much more easier and affordable.
House for sale and land for sale are very popular as an investment for Thai People.

What is the property price range for each property type in Khao Yai?

As we see the prices of properties across the globe light up it would sound too good to be true to your ears if you consider the prices in Khao Yai. It is an excellent place for foreign retirees and even locals looking for something of their own. Condo cost around 1,500,000 Baht to 25,000,000 Baht if you’re looking to stay close to the excitement. Second hand Single House, on the other hand, would cost you around 2,000,000 Baht to 20,000,000 Baht depending on the size and location of your property. Land Price in Khao Yai can start for 500,000 Per Rai.

What are the main reasons to invest in Khao Yai properties?

The Khao Yai real estate market is incredibly dynamic and is a haven for investors and people looking to settle down here. The prices of the properties are extremely inviting and guarantees excellent returns.
This are prices are reletevly low and we expect that House, Condo price and Land Price will continue to appreciate.