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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Nan, North - Thailand

Nan, North - Thailand

What do you need to know about Nan?

Nan is one of the 77 provinces in Thailand and is located in the upper northern region of the country. The neighbouring provinces surrounding Nan if went from the South the clockwise direction would be Uttaradit, Phrae, and Nan and it borders the Sainyabuli of Laos in the North and east sides. The province is located in the remote Nan river valley and is surrounded by forested mountains namely, the Luang Prabang Range in the east and the Phlueng range in the western part of the province. The highest mountain in Nan is about 2100 metres high and is located towards the border with Laos. Nan has been an independent kingdom for centuries now but has developed very few connections with other kingdoms because of its remoteness. Nan had tried to liberate itself in the Burmese rule over the province for a long time but did not succeed and later came under the rule in 1714 under the Burmese leaders. Later in the year 1788, when the Burmese leaders were driven out of the country, Nan came under the rule of Siam. Bandits, as well as the people's liberation army of Thailand, were quite a hindrance for the people living in the province from the early 1980s, the situation has improved since then but Nan is it still considered a pretty much rural area in the country of Thailand.

Few attractions in Nan:

The province of Nan is very rich in flora and fauna which is evident by the presence of numerous national parks throughout the province, but that is not the extent of attractions in the province and it offers serene locations and religious destinations that pleases us to our heart's content. Some of the best locations to visit in the province are shortlisted below for you to consider.

Doi Phu Kha National Park:

This park covers parts of 8 districts in the province and is Thailand’s largest national park in the northern region. The park has many rare species of plants that can be only found here and nowhere else on the country, they include Caryota Gigas and Acer Wilsonii, and many more, numerous caves can also be found in the area. Ascent to the top of the mountain takes about 3 days and 2 nights and the reward for such hardship is the sea of mist and the exotic view of the mountain range that the trekkers can experience if they reach the summit.

Nan national museum:

The national museum of Nan is situated just opposite the Wat Phra That Chang Kham near the Wat Phumin and is one of the places that you must visit if you are anywhere near the vicinity of the province. The building is constructed in a style that seems to be coming from blending the European designs and Nan's native arts. The museum has undergone two renovations from when it was originally used as the Royal Pavilion and the workplace of the governor, the first one was in the year 1932 when it was used as the provincial hall and the second was in 1974 when it was finally made the national museum of Nan.

How is the lifestyle in Nan?

When you compare the prices of Nam to other cities in urban areas like inBangkok or North America and Europe, the province of Nan is highly economical and the prices of the real estate properties are very much on the lower side. You would be surprised to find that the cost of groceries and related expenses that one needs to survive is so low that you can get by a month with spending as low as 4,500 Baht on groceries for the entire month. You can find any and every type of property that you have been looking for in the province of Nan, and the least you have to spend in order to rent a one-bedroom condo is about 6,000 - 15,000 Baht if you are looking to live in and around the downtown area. The list does not end there. You are sure to find exotic and luxurious villas r single house in the province at your disposal should you prefer them. If living near the centre of things, is not your style, the least you have to spend would be around 29,000 Baht and that is covering all costs from rent to day-to-day expenses.

How is the Nan real estate market?

The properties in Nan holds appeal to anyone who is looking to settle down in the area. The properties here have attractive prices, are highly popular all across the country. Since the busiest area is around the schools such as Nan Christian Suksa School, Nan Technical School, Satri Si Nan School and healthcare facilities such as the Nan Hospital, that is where properties are on the higher side, since you would have ample access to various amenities. For example, if you’re looking to settle down in a luxurious Villa or second hand Single house that is closer to such facilities and institutions, it can cost you around 8.5M – 13M Baht, just on the House sale price, whereas if you are willing to move a little further from these areas you would be able to buy your house by spending at start price of 1,650,000 Baht.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Nan and why?

Although most of the country is looking for villas and houses to settle down for a piece of mind, condos in center of Nan is most common . With house for rent available in the range of 11,000 Baht to 36,000 Baht depending on the size, location and type of property. Both real estate investors and anyone who is looking to settle down in the province, prices have never been on the higher side. In case you are looking to buy a condo for yourself, the prices can range from around 560,000 Baht to around 7,800,000 Baht depending on the size, location and type of property.

Land for Sale in Nan
Land for sale is also popular in this province as Land Price are relatively lower than main area such as Bangkok.
Keep in mind that Land Price is relevant to the development around it so if you are considering searching for land for sale make sure you apprise the
prospective land for sale price before purchasing it. 
Its also important to do a proper due diligent of the Land Title deed to
understand what are the Land Zone rights on the specific Land.

What are the main reasons to invest in Nan properties?

As evident from the rest of the article, it would be a false criticization of the province if we say that the real estate market in Nan can be better than anywhere else. Nan has the answer to any requirement possible for people looking for a place to settle or rent providing you with the perfect cosy spot in the lap of the orient.