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Phang Nga, South - Thailand

What do you need to know about Phang Nga?

Phang Nga is a province that is located in the southern part of Thailand and is one of the 77 provinces present in the country. It is located in the shores of the Andaman Sea to the west and Phang Nga Bay to the south. The neighboring provinces surrounding Phang Nga from the north in the clockwise direction would be Ranong, Surat Thani, and Krabi. To the south is the Phuket Province, connected by the Sarasin Bridge. The province lied to the west side of the Malay peninsula and features a lot of islands within its boundaries. One of the most famous islands, the James Bond island, which is in the shape of a needle rock, the stone featured in the James Bond film, The man with a golden gun in 1974. The provincial seal features the Phu Khao Chang mountains along with the city hall in front of it. The seal also contains a dredge which is the indication of the process of Tin mining that is prevalent in the area. The province of Phang Nga consists of 8 districts which are then further divided to form 48 sub-districts and 314 villages.

Few places of attraction in Phang Nga

The province is known for its cultural and religious heritage along with the exotic sceneries that can be seen from here. Some of the best and the most famous places in the province have been shortlisted below for you to consider.

Ao Phang Nga National Marine Park

This national park is spread around an area of 400 kilometers and consists of over 40 islands which are surrounded by limestone cliffs that rise from the green water that remains clear throughout the year. It has been found that prehistoric humans, dating back to as far back as ten thousand years used the area of the park as a settlement. The place was a very large barrier reef earlier, it reached its current state because of erosion through natural causes like the earth’s movements and soil erosion. 

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a quiet and cushy bay that covers the area from the east coast of Phuket to the southeast coast of Phang Nga province. The bay is often referred to as the ‘jewel of Andaman’ by the locals and tourists as it resembles the beauty of the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. The bay stretches out to an area of 400 square kilometers and it has become the prime destination for people looking for a boat ride or anyone looking for some great pictures.

How is the lifestyle in Phang Nga?

Despite its exciting locations and exquisite sceneries, the province of Phang Nga typically follows a laid-back form of lifestyle. The prices of commodities needed for living in this province is significantly lower than most urban countries like the Americas. You will be assured to know, that the cost of items like groceries is extremely cheap and even the properties in this province are affordable to the masses. The least that you have to spend in order to maintain an average lifestyle in the province is around 20,000 Baht if you choose to rent a studio condo in the downtown area, if you are looking to live at a rented single house in the same location, you would have to spend around 30,000 to 50,000 Baht a month depending on your lifestyle and the type of the property.

How is the real estate market in Phang Nga?

There are varieties of properties for your renting needs which include condos, townhouses and single houses or villas. If you choose to live in the prime locations in the province or near locations such as the Community College Nga or near health care facilities like Phangnga Hospital Library, you would find a one-bedroom condo on rent for around 7,000 Baht, townhouses on rent can be found at a cost of 7,500 to 11,000 Baht for rent price. If you wish for a more luxurious environment, three-bedroom condos on rent are available at the downtown area at a price range of about 26,000 Baht for rent price, villas or single houses could also be the type of property you are looking forward to settling in if you have a family and can be found in the area with the rent amounting to 15,000 to 32,000 Baht for rent price. The rent for these properties has been seen to diminish a little if you move farther from the said locations, for example, condos can be found at a low rent price of 4,000 Baht and villas or detached houses on rent can be found at a price of around 10,000 to 20,000 Baht for rent. Three-bedroom condos, on the other hand, can be a little tough to find but should you manage to rent one it would not be more than 8,000 Baht a month for rent. 

What is the most popular property on sale in Phang Nga and why?

The most famous type of property in the province is condos, as they are the perfect choice for bachelors as well as small families who are looking towards settling down in Phang Nga. One-bedroom condos can be found in the area with cheap prices and can be bought by paying around 1,300,000 Bhat to 2,000,000 Baht for sale price. Three-bedroom condos on sale are a little harder to find as they are not much popular size and it may cost you somewhere around 3,500,000 - 7,500,000 Baht for sale if you choose to settle down near the prime locations in the province. There are single houses available on sale in the downtown area with the prices ranging from 1,500,000 to 30,000,000 Baht for sale depending on the size, type and age of the property Should you move a little farther from the heart of the city, the sale prices drop to a certain point. You can find a one-bedroom studio condo for sale for a price of around 600,000 Baht, townhouses can cost you about 1,250,000 to 1,500,000 Baht for sale price. Single or detached houses can also be found at a significantly lower cost from the downtown area of the province with the price ranging from 1,600,000 to 16,000,000 for a house for sale. 

Land for Sale in Phang Nga

Land for sale in Phang Nga is also popular as Land Price are relatively lower than main area such as Phuket. With rapid development in the area Land price are expecting to rise. Keep in mind that Land Price is relevant to the development around it so if you are considering searching for land for sale make sure you apprise the prospective land for sale price before purchasing it.
Its also important to do a proper due diligent of the Land Title deed to understand what are the Land Zone rights on the specific Land.

What are the main reasons for investing in Phang Nga properties?

Phang Nga features some of the best healthcare facilities found in the entire country of Thailand. The province houses some of the most attractive properties and offers a typically inexpensive price range for nearly all of its possessions. The scope for returns on investments is excellent there for both local and foreign investors alike.