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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Phayao, North - Thailand

Phayao, North - Thailand

What do you need to know about Phayao?

Phayao is one of the seventy-six provinces of Thailand that lies in the upper northern region of the country. The neighbouring provinces surrounding Phayao if gone from the north in the clockwise direction are Nan, Phrae, Lampang, and Chiang Rai. In the northeast, it borders Xaignabouli of Laos. The province is situated in the valley on the Ing River, on the banks of the Phayao lake and is surrounded by three mountains on its sides, namely, the Doi Luang mountain, the Doi Khun Mae Fat mountain and the Doi Khun Mae Tam mountain. The province of Phayao was established in 1096 as a small city but was captured by the Burmese in 1338 and was made a part of Lanna. The city was deserted during the 14th to 16th century and was later declared as a part of the Chiang Rai province in 1897 and was finally declared a province on its own on August 28th 1977. The total land area of the province is about 6,335 square kilometres and houses a population of 475,215 as per the records of the census conducted in the year 2018. The province of Phayao is divided into nine districts which are then further divided into sixty-eight subdistricts and six hundred and thirty-two villages.

Few attractions in Phayao:

The province of Phayao is rich in historical and religious sites which are present all throughout the province in various destinations. Some of the best places to visit in the province are shortlisted below for your consideration.

Wat Tilok Aram:

This ancient monument in Phayao is said to be over five hundred years old and acts as a standing proof that Lake Phayao was an old community in the past, which was also supported by the stone inscription that was excavated in this area. The temple was built by a ruler of Phayao town, Phraya Yutthitsathira during the years 1476 to 1486 but due to the watergate that was built by the Department of Fishery caused quite a many temples to be flooded including the Wat Tilok Aram which still lies in the depths of the Lake Phayao and has been under for more than 70 years.

Phayao Walking Street:

The walking street in Phayao is perfect for anyone who loves to shop or if you are looking to bring back a souvenir from your trip. There are various things available for a reasonable price which include chilli pastes and crispy pork skin. The walking street is conducted in front of the Lake Phayao on weekends and at the City pillar shrine during weekdays.

How is the lifestyle in Phayao?

When you compare the prices of both living and leisure, prices are relatively on the lower side in this province when compared to the other urban countries in the northern hemisphere. The main reason for it is considered to be the low prices of the real estate properties and ample options in the province. You would be amazed to find that the price of provisions and related expenses that you need to survive is so cheap, that you can get by with spending as low as 7,000 Baht in groceries for the entire month! Properties of all types are available in the province, starting from one-bedroom condos to luxury four bedroom villas, anything you want is available just a click away.

How is the Phayao real estate market?

The properties in this province, with their exotic exterior and attractive prices, are attracting expats and foreign investors from all around the world. You can get studio condos on rent in the province just by spending around 50,000 Baht a month. Properties that are far more luxurious and posh are also available but are much expensive, such as four bedded condos on rent in the heart of the province with lavish interior can cost you as much as 200,000 Baht a month. Since the most crowded and happening area in the province is around the hospitals and schools, it is where it would cost you the most to buy properties. For example, if you’re looking to settle down in a luxurious house that is closer to hospitals and government offices near the Phayao Lake and has access to various other amenities, it can cost you around 130,000,000 Baht just on the for sale price, whereas if you are willing to move a little further from these areas you would notice the cost to significantly drop to as much as 1,550,000 Baht on a house for sale in Phayao. The custom of buying some land and then constructing your home is also quite popular in the area as the average rates are as low as 4,000 Baht per square metres for sale. Land for sale in this province is also very popular.
Many people are looking for Townhouse as the best solution, Townhouse for sale can be very good and cost effective solution.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Phayao and why?

Although most of the country is looking for villas to settle down the condos in Phayao are attracting much more attention. With condos for rent available in the range of 13,000 Baht to 48,000 Baht which is dependent on the location size and type of property, that is whether it is close to facilities like the Phayao Provincial Transports Station, or a school, or when it is a little further away and takes a little time to access from these eventful parts of the province. Both real estate investors and people who are looking forward to finding their perfect piece of property in the province should be thrilled with the great prices that are being offered. In case you want to buy a condo for yourself, the prices range from around 500,000 Baht to around 82,000,000 Baht again dependable on the location, size and type as mentioned above. Land for sale and Second Hand Single house for sale is the most popular Properties on the market.

What are the main reasons to invest in Phayao properties?

As mentioned in the earlier sections of this article, Phayao is a great place where you can enjoy a minimalist sense of lifestyle and yet participate in thrilling endeavors. The reasons to invest in the properties of Phayao can be summed up to affordable prices, a welcoming and humble locality and the scope for higher returns is also present.