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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Suphan Buri, Central - Thailand

Suphan Buri, Central - Thailand

What do you need to know Suphan Buri?

Suphan Buri is located in the central region of Thailand and is one of the 77 province currently present in the country. The neighbouring provinces surrounding the province are Uthai Thani, Chai Nat, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi that is if going from the north in the clockwise direction. Most of the lands of this province are low river plains with some mountain ranges in the north and west areas while paddy rice farming is predominant in the lowest plain of the Tha Chin River. The site of Suphan Buri is said to be the legendary Suvarnabhumi that is mentioned in very old Buddhist scripts although the current name was not its original one since it was called Meuang Thawarawadi Si Suphannaphumi during the Dvaravati period which translates to 'the Dvaravati city of Suvarnabhumi'. It was later given the name Suphan Buri by the King Khun Luang Pha Ngua. The province is also Thailand’s largest producer of water chestnuts and supplies more than half of the entire country’s production alone. Suphan Buri is divided into ten districts which are then further sub-divided into a hundred and ten sub-districts and nine hundred and seventy-seven villages.

Few places of attraction in Suphan Buri:

The province of Suphan Buri is rumoured to be a little backdated when compared to other provinces in Thailand and is known for its investment into agriculture rather than industrial development. Along with its natural waterfalls and forests, the province has lately invested in building parks and shrines to attract more tourist attention. Some of the best places to see in Suphan Buri are listed below for you to consider.

Wat Pa Lelai Worawiharn:

This temple is considered as the royal temple by locals as it has the royal insignia of King Rama V. Located on the banks of the Tha Chi River, the grand statue Luang Pho To is sure to amaze you even if you are not a staunchly religious person. The posture of the deity is also in European style and can be seen taking offerings from a monkey and an elephant.

Banharn Jamsai Tower:

This tower, obviously the tallest in the province is also considered to be the tallest viewpoint tower in the entire country. Capped at four hundred and four feet, the tower gives you an exquisite view of the province and the most intriguing part is that the different levels of the tower present you with different amenities such as, the first floor offers a souvenir shop, the second is a food park with an area reserved for views, the third level offers a second souvenir shop and the last level offers a historical exhibition with a binocular viewpoint.

Dragon Descendants:

This is one of the recent attractions in Suphan Buri, it is a really intimidating structure housing various heirlooms and artefacts. The outside shows a huge dragon that is four hundred and forty-three feet long and fifty-nine feet wide and is made of fibreglass. The visitors can experience the full history of Thailand in the structure that depicts all the instances from dynasty to dynasty spreading over five thousand years.

How is the lifestyle in Suphan Buri?

The lifestyle of Suphan Buri is typically laid back than the rest of the country as it is considered one of the rural areas of Thailand. Astonishingly, this does not stop people from visiting this place as tourists or for religious purposes or even for settling down in the province. The cost of living in this area is really inexpensive, for instance, the total cost of groceries for a month would cost you about 5,000 Baht or less depending upon your personal preferences. The province is host to varieties of properties giving you the freedom to choose the best piece. There are one-bedroom condos available for rent at a price range of around 10,000 Baht and if you are looking to live near the Suphan Buri Railway Station which helps you access the main transportation system easily and also gives you access to various other amenities you would have to spend around 35,000 a month on just your rent.

How is the Suphan Buri real estate market?

The most attractive sights for people coming to live here has to be the price ranges for different types of properties as they are so attractive and reasonable. The properties are built with a modern perception of beauty by keeping in mind the appeals of all classes of people; The busiest part of the province near the railway station houses some of the most luxurious properties featuring both condos and single house or villas. If you are looking to rent a villa you would have to spend about 35,000 Baht for some of the best and lavish villas near good locations, the price drops drastically as much as 12,000 Baht if you choose to live a little farther away from the busy areas of the province.

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Suphan Buri and why?

The dominating property type is the province has to be the condos and townhouse on the area, as they serve as the best piece of property for new families and single people. Condos can range about 700,000 Baht to 4,000,000 Baht if you are looking to buy your own condo, a single house or villas would be around 2,300,000 Baht to 46,000,000 Baht both depending on size, type and whether you choose to live at a good location or not and the type of property. Although one of the reasons for condos and townhouse being so popular is that it is cheaper than single house villas but the fact that it is a perfectly cosy place for many travellers also serves as the main factor.

Land for Sale in Suphan Buri

Land for sale is also popular in Suphan Buri as Land Price are relatively lower than main city area such as Bangkok. Land Price is relevant to the development around the land so if you are considering searching for land for sale make sure you apprise the prospective land for sale price before purchasing it.
Its also important to do a due diligent of the Land Title deed to understand what are the Land Zone rights on the specific Land.

What are the main reasons to invest in Suphan Buri properties?

The reasons to invest in these properties are quite numerous and can be summed up to great prices and serene beauty of the place itself. The area is perfect for people looking to spend some time away from the bustling city environment and gives peace to the mind. The scope of excellent returns for real estate investors is also there.

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