Beginners to SmartPhone Video Production​ & Advanced Equipment​, Editing and Video Publishing

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if you didn’t already know, TV show host Ben Sargent (bio linkand RE/MAX LA’s Colin Jacobs (bio linkare bringing their ​NEW AND IMPROVED 2-DAY VIDEO WORKSHOP ​SESSIONS...

If you’re new to video, and curious to learn from ​the American TV and real estate pros, sign up now, and take your business to the next level!

Check out the Workshop Schedule Below...

Intro Workshop, (Day 1):

  • How to put yourself on camera. Don't be scared...Shy is Ok! 
  • Becoming a brand... Do what you know and love on camera! The trick is to bring your interests into the real estate game! 
  • ​We are shooting lifestyle here! The age of the property walk-through is over! Sorry (hahaha).
  • ​How to grab an interview (shoot now, and ask for forgiveness later).
  • Shooting... The 5 shot method! Make every shot count! Hold steady...Essentials to still photography will make your videos come alive.
  • Tell a story.. Breakdown of an Instagram Video (60 seconds of gold).
  • ​Shooting Checklist (shots you need).
  • ​Shooting in the field (now let's go make a movie...) This is about the neighborhood, the feeling, the vibe the energy not about the home yet!
  • ​Go shoot! One scene unfolding...12-min of footage! We need to see an event taking place...1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Intro Workshop, (Day 2):

  • Story Telling! Make it compelling.
  • Editing on your iPhone (music, sound, cuts, graphics, sound bites) 
  • ​Shooting a property! How? What's the most compelling part? 
  • ​How to apply the 5-Shot Method to your property story! 
  • ​How to use Additional Equipment.
  • ​Sharing on Instagram, and other platforms!
  • ​Screening Party!!

Advanced Video Workshop, (Day ​1):

  • ​Shooting on a gimbal (stabilizer), Lav-mic set-ups, drones, selfie backpacks, water shots.
  • ​Staging a property like a Pro.
  • ​Sliding shots, pan shots, drone shots.
  • ​Owning it! Rockstar hosting...Know your viewer! Getting the perfect sound bite and interview.

Advanced Video Workshop, ​​(Day ​2):​​

  • ​Advanced Editing - Final Cut.
  • ​Longer format - Posting to YouTube and others
  • ​Beautiful transitions. Advanced cuts!
  • ​Legalities of shooting, permission, copyright laws.
  • ​Screening our 5-minute videos and class feedback.

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