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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Yasothon, North-East - Thailand

Yasothon, North-East - Thailand

What do you need to know about Yasothon?

Yasothon is located in the central north eastern part of Thailand and is one of the seventy-seven provinces present in the country. The province was established by the revolutionary council of Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, after its Announcement No. 70 which came into force on 3 March 1972. The neighbouring provinces surrounding Yasothon from the north in the clockwise direction would be Mukdahan, Amnat Charoen, Ubon Ratchathani, Sisaket, and Roi Et. The province is mostly plains with small hills emerging here and there, though the southern part of the province is covered in ponds and swamps because of the Chi River. The province was created on 1st March 1972, when it was split off from the bigger province Ubon Ratchathani. The land area covered by the province is around 4,162 km square kilometres and the province houses a population of 538,729 as per the records of the census that was conducted in the year 2018. There are nine districts present within the province of Yasothon which are then also further divided into 78 sub districts and 885 villages.

Few places of attraction in Yasothon

There are numerous sights that you can be content from in this province, from religious structures to places to hang out and chill, Yasothon features it all under one roof. Some of the best places around the province are listed below for you to consider.

Hippy Café

This is a Thai style café near the old bus station at the capital of the province or to be more accurate just beside the city clock tower. The café surprises people as soon as they enter; there is retro American furniture inside the café while the exterior clearly makes an individual anticipate an immersive Thai ambience. The place features Thai foods, salads made out of fresh vegetables and the place is renowned among locals for the great coffee it makes.

Yasothon Rocket Festival

It has been seen that rocket festivals are held across the upper part of Thailand during the months of May and June. It is believed this is to tell a Buddhist god, Phaya Thaen, that it is time there was rain in the country. Yasothon is seen to celebrate this event with more enthusiasm than other provinces since the province was promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The festival goes on for three days in which the people take part in traditional dances, rocket contests, a parade that is hosted and many more fun activities.

How is the lifestyle in Yasothon?

The province of Yasothon can be updated but astoundingly the cost of living at this place is naturally low-priced as compared to urban regions of the west. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the province is the inexpensive lifestyle, surprisingly, you can get by for the full month with spending just 8000 Baht on your daily expenses. The province is host to various types and ranges of properties giving you the liberty to choose the best piece according to your tastes. There are one-bedroom condos available for rent at a price range of around 9,000 Baht and if you are looking to live near the prime locations in the province, or if you wish to live in an extravagant villa or single house, which helps you access the main transportation system easily and also gives you access to various other amenities you would have to spend approximately 30,000 Baht a month on just your rent.

How is the Yasothon real estate market?

The real estate market in Yasothon is as good as it gets. The market allows you to choose from a wide range of properties while informing you about the conditions for better living at the same time. Anyone looking to settle down in Yasothon can choose between three options, you can either choose a condo or villa to rent, you can buy the said properties or even a townhouse according to your preferences and standard of living. Townhouses on rent can be found at a cost of 7,500 to 11,000 Baht for rent or you can choose to procure a piece of land and build your home on your own. The rent or sale price of the properties are affected by the location, size and type of property you choose, such as the rent has been seen to be a little hiked near areas like Yasothon Hospital or Yasothon International Technological College. The rent for these properties has been seen to lessen a bit if you move farther from the said locations, for example, condos can be found at a low rent price of 4,000 Baht and villas or detached houses on rent can be found at a price of around 10,000 to 20,000 Baht for rent.

What is the most popular property on sale in Yasothon and why?

The most famous type of property in the province is villas or single houses, as they are the perfect choice for families who are looking towards settling down in Yasothon. There are single houses for sale in the downtown area with the prices ranging from 1.5M to 30M Baht depending on the type, size and age of the property (mostly second hand). One-bedroom condos can be found in the area with inexpensive prices and can be bought by paying around 1.3M to 4.6M Baht for sale. Three-bedroom condos for sale are a little tougher to find and would cost you somewhere around 3.5M to 7.5M Baht if you choose to settle down near the prime locations in the province. Should you move a little farther from the centre of the city, the sale prices drop to a certain pint. You can find a one-bedroom studio condo on sale for a price of around 600,000 Baht, townhouses can cost you about 880,000 to 1,500,000 Baht on the sale. Second hand detached houses can also be found at a low cost price from the main area of the province with the price ranging from 1,850,000 to 16,000,000 Baht for sale. Land for sale will be also popular as land price are reletivly low for this province.

What are the reasons to invest in Yasothon properties?

Yasothon features some of the best scenic locations in the country and offers the people looking to settle down a never-ending plethora of excitement. The rewards are not only for anyone looking for a second home but for real estate investors as well as the province offers some of the best rated of returns for investments made by foreign investors