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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Chonburi, East - Thailand

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Chonburi, East - Thailand

Real Estate Property for Sale and Rent.

RE/MAX Providing Real Estate Agency services in this area Chonburi, Our Agents will help you to buy sell rent properties, Our property Agents have a wide variety of the Second hand house for sale and second hand condo for sale.
If you are looking for a house for rent or a condo for rent you will also find this type of property in our hand.
We also provide Agency services for commercial properties such as Land for sale, Comercial retail and industrial 

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What do you need to know about Chonburi Real Estate Market?

Located 100km off Bangkok, Chonburi lies in eastern Thailand. The province is home to one of the biggest tourist destinations in the area, Pattaya and also houses Thailand’s largest sea port, Laem Chabang. About 1.7 million people residents making it one of the most populous provinces in the region. Chonburi is the capital city of the Chonburi province. The word “Chonburi” translates to the city of water. Situated on the Bay of Bangkok, the Khao Khiao mountain range stretches across the province from the northeast to the southeast. The region is dominated by warm winters and wet summers due to its tropical climate system that is influenced by the ocean. The region is famous for its beautiful beaches, sugar cane, basketry products, delicious Khao lam and best of all! Buffalo Racing!

What are the popular attractions in Chonburi?

  • Khao Chi Chan Buddha: This 130-meter-tall Buddha mountain is one of the most prominent landmarks in the region. Created in 1996 to celebrate King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 50th anniversary on the throne, the image of the Buddha was cut using lasers and then was inlaid with gold leaf. The mountain also features some intricate gardens and lotus pools to spend a lazy afternoon.
  • Koh Sichang: One of the larger islands located off the coast, Koh Sichang has some beautiful virgin sandy beaches and a dense forest in the interior. The island is connected by a regular ferry service from the dock in Si Racha which is situated in the north of Pattaya.
  • Samui Beach: Just of the coast of Thailand and close to Pattaya, Samui beach features some of the clearest waters and over 500 meters of sandy beach. The beach also offers chairs on rent for the visitors which they can avail to have tranquil experience right on the beach. Restaurants on the beach are also obliged to serve you right on the sand.
  • Khao Khiao Open Zoo: This open zoo houses over 300 animal species and is located at the base of Khiew mountain. The zoo is quite similar to the one found in Singapore and other zoos in Southeast Asia. The zoo also organises night safari for the visitors and something you should not miss.
  • Khao Sam Muk: This temple dedicated to the Chinese Goddess located on top of a small hill is located very near to the Bah Saen Beach and features many monkeys living in the area. Be sure not to leave anything in the open, they are sure to go missing.
  • Wat Yansangwararam: Spread over an area of about 145 acres, this huge temple complex can be found just 20 km off Pattaya and was constructed in the honour of the head of the Thai Monastic Order in 1976.
  • Viharna Sien Temple: Adjoining the Wat Yansangwararam, Viharna Sien Temple is an ancient Chinese temple that houses some of the most beautiful and intricate Chinese art collection. You can also find some Chinese potteries that are more than 3000 years old. 

What is the cost of living and Lifestyle in Chonburi?

Chonburi is one of the most inexpensive destinations in the country. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about 60 Baht while a three-course meal for two in a medium tiered restaurant will cost around 420 Baht. Milk and Bread are also readily available with milk retailing at about 60 Baht per litre and a loaf of bread will cost you about 40 Baht. A kg of rice costs about 30 Baht. Transportation is also found without any difficulty throughout the region. Taxi rides generally start from 35 Baht and gasoline is about 28 Baht per litre if you are looking to drive your own vehicle. The region is highly accessible by both by rail and roads. There are several buses that ply between the Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi and Chonburi. Several other buses run between Pattaya and Chonburi as well. 

What are the average house and condo sale prices in Chonburi?

If you are looking to settle in Chonburi, it can be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some property in Chonburi to make your stay hassle free. Prices for condos that are on sale typically range between 2,000,000 Baht to about 35,000,000 Baht depending on the location and size of the property. For those of you who are looking to buy a house be prepared to spend upwards of 25,000,000 Baht to buy a house in a decent location.

What is the current Real Estate in Chonburi?

For those of you looking to rent a condo in Chonburi, prices will seem to be on the lower side if you are coming from any European or North American city. 1-bedroom condos for rent in the downtown area will cost you around 17,000 Baht while if you choose to live outside of the area prices do really come down with condos costing about 7,000 Baht per month. 3-bedroom condos in the downtown area will cost about 50,000 Baht per month in rent. 

What are the reasons to buy a Property in Chonburi?

With close proximity to major commercial hubs such as Bangkok and Pattaya, Chonburi is the best place to settle if you are looking to stay out of the bustle of the cities. The proximity to major urban centres has also enabled the region to sport some of the advanced healthcare facilities in the country. Prices are also on the lower end of the spectrum which is another great reason to consider moving to this part of the world. From beautiful seaside villages to some astonishing pieces of Chinese history, Chonburi should be on the top of your list should you choose to come to this part of the orient.

Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor EEC – What You Need to Know?

Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong Provinces have been designated for the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Over the past 30 years, these three provinces have been developed to support the fast growing industries. It was the “eras of industrial revolution”. In 1987, Map Ta Phut industrial estate was established and it was the beginning of the development of Thai heavy industry, such as petrochemical, auto and electronics industries. These eras are also called Thailand 3.0. Today, Thailand is ready to move forward to the era of Thailand 4.0.

The EEC area covers over 13,000 Km2. The government has launched measures to support and accelerate the economic growth in the EEC, for instance, measures to develop public utilities, transportation systems, logistics, human resources, and investor’s facilitation in the form of One-Stop Service Center.

In the future, the EEC will grow into a modern metropolitan, a hub of trade and investment, a center for regional transportation and logistics, a significant source for human resources, a tourist attraction and most importantly, the most modern Gateway to Asia.

Thailand’s eastern seaboard already enjoys strong connectivity to neighboring countries and established trade routes. The seaboard has seen success in petrochemical, automobile, and electronic industries.

A major focus of the EEC is to improve existing connectivity and foster manufacturing and innovation. The government envisions creating established sea routes from the eastern provinces of Thailand to Myanmar’s on-going Dawei deep-sea port project, Cambodia’s Sihanoukville port, and Vietnam’s Vung Tau port. The government is expanding the Laem Chabang seaport – already the country’s biggest – with the goal of transforming it into a marine hub of South East Asia.

To improve connectivity by air, Thailand is expanding the U-Tapao airport in Rayong province substantially. With the opening of a second passenger terminal and runway, the U-Tapao airport’s passenger capacity will increase from its current 800,000 people to 3 million. The expansion will not only facilitate an increase in tourist arrivals – attracted to Thailand’s eastern beaches – but will also transform U-Tapao into a hub for aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul, air cargo, and logistics.
The EEC Will effect the Real Estate Marketing in these provinces, Property price is expected to grow due to many of job opportunities that will be opening up. condo price in Pattaya and Chonburi are the main focus but Conods for sale and Condo for rent price will be effected all over the region  

Connectivity by road will improve with the development of high-speed and double-track railways connecting ports, airports, industrial clusters, and major urban centers throughout Thailand.

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