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Si Racha, Chonburi, Thailand

Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Si Racha, Chonburi, East - Thailand

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Si Racha, Chonburi, East - Thailand

What do you need to know about Si Racha?

Located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Si Racha is a town in the Chonburi Province about 120 km southeast of Bangkok. The region is very popular for its world renowned hot sauce, Sriracha, named after the town itself. With a population of around 20,000 people, Si Racha was established as a subdistrict municipality in 1945 which was later upgraded as a town municipality in 1995. The region is dominated by a tropical weather system which causes warm winters and rainy summers. The average temperature in the months of winter is around 26OC while in summers it can reach up to 30OC. 

What are the popular attractions in Si Racha?

The region might not be as popular as other regions in Thailand, but don’t let that fool you. Si Racha is a much smaller and more beautiful destination is worth a visit. You will be surprised with the hidden gems that are tucked away in the lap of the orient. 
Ko Loi: This is one of the islands in the region. Connected to the mainland with an 800m road, Ko Loi is considered as the ferry point for Ko Si Chang. The island is home to a wonderful ornate Thai-Chinese Temple which features some amazing sunset views. Wat Ko Loi: This wonderful Thai Chinese Buddhist temple on the Ko Loi island. You will need to come to this place via a road at the northern end of Si Racha’s waterfront. Sriracha Clock Tower: This clock tower is located beside the main market; this is also a hub for local transportation. The southern clock is a great place to start. Surasak Montri Suan: This municipal park in the region is a great attraction for the locals in the area. From coffee shops to skateboarding to playing equipment, this park features it all. One of the best places to spend a lazy afternoon with your family.
Mum Aroi: Translated to the delicious corner, Mum Aroi is a must visit place if you are a seafood lover. From live fish counters to squid rings choose your favourite dish and enjoy it on the deck while the sun sets far into the vista. The food is also found at very reasonable prices as most of the dishes are sold by weight. 

What is the cost of living and Lifestyle in Si Racha?

When coming from major European or American cities prices does seem to be on the lower side of the spectrum. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost somewhere around 60 Baht while a meal for two at any medium scale restaurant will cost around 750 Baht. A litre of milk costs around 49 Baht while a loaf of bread costs around 35 Baht. Rice and eggs are also available at reasonable costs; a kg of rice would cost around 43 Baht while a dozen eggs would cost around 50 Baht. Transportation is readily available throughout the city. A taxi ride starts form 35 Baht while a litre of gasoline cots about 30 Baht.
If you are considering to move to this part of this world there are tons of compelling reasons for you to do so. Let us explore some of the reasons. 

Security: Whenever you are moving to a new city, you should always keep an eye out for the crime rate in the region. Fortunately, Si Racha is one of the safest places in the entire country with a score of 56.13 on the world safety index with very small amounts of crime that is being reported every day.

Healthcare: Due to its close proximity with large urban centers such as Pattaya and Bangkok the healthcare system is also quite robust and effective. The region also has smaller clinics and hospitals to take care of general treatments.

Education: The region is home to the Japanese International School, the Thai Japanese Association School Sriracha which is an affiliate of the school in Bangkok. There are also several other schools in the area that can impart quality education to young minds.

What are the average house and condo sale prices in Si Racha?

When you are looking to buy property in this area, prices for house for sale can range from 2 million Baht to about 15 million Baht depending on the location and the type of property. In cases of condo for sale prices can range from 1.2 million Baht to about 7 million Baht which also depends on the location and the type of property. Prices for condo for sale can be around 30,000 Baht per metre square.

What is the current Real Estate in Si Racha?

In cases of rented properties, a one bedroom condo for rent downtown would be around 8 thousand Baht per month while the same Rental Condo outside the city center would cost around 5-6 thousand Baht every month in rent. For people looking for larger condos, a three bedroom one in the city centre would cost 15 thousand Baht every month. Other basic utilities such as bills for electricity, heating, garbage and water would be another 3 thousand Baht every month and broadband internet would add another 70 Baht to the bill every month. There are also tons of fitness clubs, gyms and playing grounds that you can avail as per your needs. Expect to pay about 1500 Baht every month as monthly fees for these facilities.

Though prices seem to be on the higher side, when compared with other big cities of Europe and America, living expenses and real estate costs do seem to be quite on the lower side.

Properties in Si Racha