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Mueang Roi Et, Roi Et, Thailand

Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Mueang Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen, North-East - Thailand

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Mueang Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen, North-East - Thailand

Why to buy Condo or House all you need to know about Khon Kaen?

450 km north-northeast of Bangkok, Khon Kaen is one of the four major cities of Isan, the largest region in Thailand and located on the Khorat Plateau. Khon Kaen is dubbed to be one of the “big four of Isan”. Capital of the Khon Kaen Province and the Mueang Khon Kaen District, Khon Kaen is home to about 215,000 People. The region is categorised to have a tropical savanna climate with dry and warm winters. The months of May till October sees significant rainfall in the area bringing in cooler temperatures.

What are the popular attractions in Khon Kaen?

The region is dotted with several hotspots for tourists. Being one of the most notable cities in the north-eastern region, Khon Kaen has some awesome sceneries and place to visit. From fascinating temples to breath-taking animal parks, the region is home to some of the most unique places on the planet. Let us take a look at some of the top attraction in Khon Kaen that you simply cannot miss.

  • Bueng Kaen Nakhon: For the first place on our list, we have to reach the southeast of the centre of Khon Kaen. Beung Kaen Nakhon is a massive lake that is about 4 km long. This can be a great spot to spend a day with your family.
  • Hong Moon Mung Khon Kaen City Museum: This museum is a treasure trove of historical artefacts from the country. Situated just beside the Kaen Nakhon Lake, the museum also serves as a centre for historical study and research. All the exhibits are wonderfully showcased with modern design and contemporary interactive media.
  • Hat Sawan Beach: Located in the Ubonratana District and close to the Ubonrat Dam, Hat Sawan Beach is only visible during the dry seasons. The beach is famous for restaurants that are elevated using bamboo structures which can give you an awesome view of the sea. Go for a swim, take a boat ride or just chill while having a nice meal, enjoy the way you like.
  • Wat Thung Setthi: Wat Thung Setthi is a unique Buddhist temple that should be on everyone’s list. With exteriors, designed with gold and blue accents, the temple is very unique than your traditional temples in the country. The temple is filled with many gorgeous white statues. A perfect spot for a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
  • Dino Water Park: Dino water park is the biggest water park in north-eastern Thailand. Maintained by a staff of professionals, this is the only water park in the region making it one of the busiest parks of the country.
  • Phu Pha Maan National Park: This natural park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. With massive caves to ancient cave paintings to some impressive waterfalls, you are sure to fall in love with the beauty of the park. 

What is the cost of living in Khon Kaen? 

Living in Khon Kaen can prove to be extremely cost-efficient. Did you know that according to living costs in Khon Kaen is 33% lower than Bangkok? And especially coming from Western metropolitans, prices do seem to look on the lower end. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about 50 Baht while a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant shall cost around 350 Baht. Transportation is also relatively cheap compared to other big cities. A 1 km Taxi Ride shall cost around 15 Baht and a litre of gasoline costs around somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 Baht. Basic utilities such as electricity, water and garbage for a medium-sized condo costs around 2,100 Baht and internet would add around 650 Baht to the bill. 

What is the average price of a condo and house in Khon Kaen?

If you are looking to buy a house in Khon Kaen, condo prices in the city centre costs around 1,500,000 Baht while outside the city centre costs around 900,000 Baht. Prices for stand-alone houses range from 750,000 Baht to about 70,000,000 Baht. 

What is the current Condo Rantal in Khon Kaen?

For your rental needs, a one-bedroom condo in the city centre would cost around 10,000 Baht while the same outside the city centre would cost around 5000 Baht. 3-bedroom apartments in the city centre cost about 22,000 Baht per month and outside the city centre costs around 9,000 Baht. 

Why people like the Khon Kaen lifestyle?

Khon Kaen offers a very laid-back experience for its people. This town on top of the Khorat plateau on an elevation of 187 meters, the region plays a key role in the North-eastern region as a major education and technology hub in the region thanks to the Khon Kaen University. The city offers affordable tuk-tuk rides across the city for under 100 Baht with plentiful taxis also available as per needs. 

What are the reasons to buy a Property in Khon Kaen?

  • Security: The city has witnessed some of the lowest rates of crime across the entire country and scores 72.94 on the safety index. Bangkok on the same index scores 58.46.
  • Healthcare: The healthcare system of the region has some of the highest scores in the region, scoring 67.78 on the Health Care System Index. The city is a few short points behind large cities like Bangkok which has a 77.87 on the Health Care System Index.
  • Lower expenses: As we mentioned previously when compared to other big cities from Europe or North America, prices do seem a lot affordable. Living and food expenses do look a lot affordable when compared with other big cities.
  • Transportation: The city is about 450 kilometres from Bangkok with the entire region being efficiently connected by air, train and road routes. Thai Airways has regular flights connecting Bangkok and Khon Kaen five times a day. The city is also connected by regular trains operated by the State Railway of Thailand. The entire city is well connected by buses, taxis and tuk-tuks offering affordable solutions to move within the city.

The COVID-19 outbreak situation is also being felt across all aspects of the real estate market here.
People need cashflow in their hands and with no jobs and income many people need to sell their property in a much lower price.
The new Property Tax (coming soon) and the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUSE) will affect the secondhand market in Khon Kaen