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Mueang Krabi, Krabi, Thailand

Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Krabi, South - Thailand

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Krabi, South - Thailand

What do you need to know about Krabi?

Situated on the western coast of southern Thailand, Krabi is the main town in the Krabi province. The region derives its name from the Krabi river, at the mouth which the city is situated. With over 520,000 population, Krabi is about 780 km from Bangkok and the region is highly dependent on the tourism industry. The region is pretty much dominated by a tropical monsoon climate, the region receives rain throughout the months of March to December with very minor temperature changes during the winter months. This makes Krabi the perfect tropical getaway for many tourists all around the world. 

What are the popular attractions in Krabi?

The province is home to over 80 smaller islands such as Phi Phi and Ko Lanta and much of the area has been given for the purpose of national parks in the region. The islands are well known to snorkelers, scuba divers and other adventurers from all the over country as well as from abroad.

From pristine natural parks to some beautiful tropical islands, there is a lot for you in Krabi. Let us take a look at some of the places that you can’t afford to miss when you are in Krabi. 

  • Koh Poda: This is one of the most famous islands in the archipelago. A 25-minute boat ride from Ao Nang beach will take you to a land of soft white sand beaches covered with palm and pine trees. You can admire the elegance of the coral reef which is just about 20 meters from the beach.
  • The Emerald Pool: To catch a glimpse of this breathtaking pool you will have to visit the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. The area is rich with biodiversity and is a well known area for its outstanding natural beauty.
  • Koh Hong: Koh Hong is a beach on the Krabi coastline. This group of wonderful islands offers some splendid scenery of coral reefs and a beautiful lagoon.
  • Phi Phi islands: Beautiful place for diving These are some of the most beautiful set of islands you will find in Thailand. Reaching this lovely spot takes about 90 minutes by a ferryboat from Krabi Town. The ultimate tropical holiday destination.
  • Wat Tham Sua: Also known as the “Tiger caves”, Wat Tham Sua is one of the most famous caves in the area. The main attraction of the area is the 1272 step limestone tower that exhibits the “Footprint of the Buddha”. 

What is the cost of living in Krabi?

If you are coming to Krabi from a Western or European country chances are you will find the region to extremely reasonable. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you somewhere between 100 to 110 Baht, while a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant will cost you around 600 Baht.

Normal taxi rides around the city will cost you about 100 Baht. Basic utilities such as electricity, internet and water for an average apartment will cost you around 2,000 Baht every month on top of your rent. 

What is the current Real Estate in Krabi? 

A one bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you about 8,500 Baht while the same apartment outside main area will cost you around 10,000 Baht. A three bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you around 25,000 while the same outside will cost around 18,000 Baht. 

What is the average price of a house in Krabi?

Prices for houses in the Krabi region typically range from 1,00,000 Baht to 20,00,000 Baht. The prices do seem to vary based on the location and age of the property. Though coming from Western developed countries price will often seem quite reasonable. 

Why people like the Krabi lifestyle?

The entire region mainly depends on the influx of tourists from all over the globe. Krabi’s beaches are world famous and they offer a great laid back experience for both the tourists and locals as well. With lively beaches to vibrant natural parks, the region is home to a wide range of biodiversity. Snorkelling, scuba diving or just a lazy day at the beach, Krabi has something for locals and foreigners alike. 

What are the reasons to buy a Property in Krabi? 

When you are deciding to buy your property in Krabi, there are many compelling reasons to do so and not just because its a beautiful place. Let us look at a few of the reasons to buy property in Krabi:

  • Security: According to recent tourist and local accounts, Krabi is as safe as Asia gets. The local population is very receptive and welcoming of any foreigners in the region.
  • Living expenses: As mentioned, Krabi has a very laid back lifestyle and living expenses are also very reasonable.
  • A tropical paradise: Krabi is home to some of the world’s most picturesque locations and some extremely diverse ecology. From virgin beaches to historical temples to glorious island ranges, Krabi has something for everyone.
  • An adventurous life: Sailing, Kayaking, underwater diving are some of the top activities in the coastal region. The interiors feature trekking, bird watching and eco-tours for the enthusiasts. Krabi promises an adventurous lifestyle to anyone who is looking to for the thrill.
Real Estate Agent in Krabi
Choose the right real estate agent in Krabi that you can trust to ensure you will receive the best advice before buying. Your REMAX Krabi Agent will be able to help you (to look after) safeguard your investment and assist you with rental and future sale. You also want your Agent to provide you with a professional after sales service.
Your Krabi Real Estate Agent will help you through buying process that will suit your personal needs & requirements and those best to avoid! Your REMAX Krabi Real Estate Agent’s experience and knowledge will also help them recommend developers with a solid proven track record. It is in your Agent best interest to provide you with the best possible information in order that they may maintain a good future working relationship with you and for future recommendations

Properties For Sale and For rent in Krabi

Can a Foreigner own property in Krabi?

Foreigner can only own a condo property 100%. There are
other legal options for foreigners to own villas or houses, please contact one
of our RE/MAX Agents for more information to explain the process of ownership
laws for foreigners owning property in Krabi.