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Real Estate Properties For Rent and Sale in Narathiwat, South - Thailand

Narathiwat, South - Thailand

What do you need to know about Narathiwat?

Narathiwat is one of the seventy-seven provinces in Thailand and is located in the southern part of the country. The neighbouring provinces surrounding Narathiwat from the west in the clockwise direction would be Yala and Pattani. To the south, it borders the Malaysian state of Kelantan and Perak. The railway line pertaining to the southern half of the country ends at Narathiwat and the province is one out of four that are present in the province who border Malaysia. There is a wide range of cultural diversity in the province and there are abundant natural resources found within the boundaries of the Narathiwat. More than three fourth of the province is in the form of jungle and mountains which gives the province a tropical climate throughout the year. The total land area covered by the province is just a little less than four and a half thousand square kilometres while it houses a population of 802,474 as per the records of the census conducted in 2018. There are 13 districts in the province which are divided into 77 subdistricts and 551 villages.

Few places of attraction in Narathiwat

The province of Narathiwat is rich in cultural and religious heritage and gives an average traveller the peace of mind he craves after the bustling environment of the city. Here are some of the best and most visited locations in the province which are sure to get your wanderlust juices flowing.

Haad Narathat

This is a beach that is closest to the province and is at a mere 20 minute walking distance. The beach is heavily populated by the Caucasians on the weekends and surprisingly, the place is almost deserted during the weekdays. The water is clean and appropriate for swimming and as much loved by the locals, paddling. The beach is made up of some small bays which are separated by piles of rocks and all of them are enjoyable.

Budo-Sungai Padi Mountains National Park

This is a small national park that is located 26 kilometres from the province of Narathiwat in the north direction. It is located at the base of a range of hills and lies to the south of Ba Cho.

The main attraction is the Bajo waterfall which is 60 metres tall and is at a distance of around 250 metres from the park office. You can choose to go up a strenuous trail towards the left of the park if you choose to visit the more isolated and better pools directly proportional to the height you ascend.

How is the lifestyle in Narathiwat?

Prices can be quite on the lower side when you compare it with the prices of different European and American cities have to offer. The cost of living is relatively on the lower side in Narathiwat and it is not a surprise as nearly everything in this area is cheap and affordable to most people. If you are looking to settle down at Narathiwat you will be assured to know that the cost of groceries is extremely cheap as compared to other provinces. The minimum amount that you can spend to lead a simple life and yet not affect your preferred standard of living too much while staying in Narathiwat can be around 20,000 Baht a month if you’re willing to live at a studio condo a little farther from the downtown area and that is covering rent and everything! If you prefer to live in a villa it would cost you a bit more than condos and the least you can spend to sustainably survive would be 50,000 Baht a month.

How is the real estate market in Narathiwat?

The real estate market in Narathiwat, if explained in a line would be that it is affordable to the masses. There are various types of properties that you can rent which include condos, townhouses and single houses or villas. If you choose to live in the downtown area or near locations in the province such as near the Boromrajonani College of Nursing, Narathiwat or near health care facilities like Ibanur Cena Hospital, you would find a one bedroom condo on rent for around 7,000 Baht, townhouses on rent can be found at a cost of 7,500 to 11,000 Baht. If you wish for a more deluxe environment, three bedroom condos on rent are available at the downtown area at a price range of about 26,000 Baht, villas could also be the type of property you are looking forward to settling in if you have a family and can very easily be found in the area with the rent amounting to 15,000 to 32,000 Baht. As you move a little farther from these areas, the rent has been seen to drop a little, for example, condos can be found at a low rent price of 4,000 Baht and villas or detached houses on rent can be found at a price of around 10,000 to 20,000 Baht. Land for sale in this are is also very popular.

What is the most popular property on sale in Narathiwat and why?

The process of buying your piece of property in Narathiwat is not as hard as one would imagine since all of the major types and classes of properties are available right at your fingertips. The most famous type of property in the province is villas, as they are the perfect choice for families who are looking towards settling down in Narathiwat. There are single houses for sale in the downtown area with the prices ranging from 1,500,000 Baht to 30,000,000 Baht depending on the type and age of the property. One-bedroom condos can be found in the area with cheap prices and can be bought by paying around 1,300,000 Bhat to 2,000,000 Baht. Three-bedroom condos on sale are a little harder to find and would cost you somewhere around 2,500,000 Baht to 7,500,000 Baht if you choose to settle down near the prime locations in the province. Should you move a little farther from the heart of the city, the sale prices drop to a certain point. You can find a one-bedroom studio condo on sale for a price of around 600,000 Baht, townhouses can cost you about 1,000,000 Baht to 1,500,000 Baht on the sale price. Single or detached houses can also be found at a significant lower cost from the downtown area of the province with the price ranging from 1,600,000 Baht to 16,000,000 Baht.

What are the main reasons for investing in Narathiwat properties?

Narathiwat has some of the best properties within its real estate market that are unseen anywhere else in the country. The real estate in Narathiwat is appealing to more and more people with each passing day and promises high ROI (returns on investment) for foreign and local investors alike who are looking to participate in this dynamic market.