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Ratchaburi, West - Thailand

What you need to know about Ratchaburi?

Located in the western part of Thailand, Ratchaburi Province is one of 76 provinces of Thailand. About 80 km away from Bangkok, the Mae Kong river flows smack in the middle of the centre of Ratchaburi town. The province is surrounded by Nakhon Pathom, Samut Sakhon, Phetchaburi, Kanchanaburi and Samut Songkhram while the western border of the province is shared with the Tanintharyi region of Myanmar. With a population of about 900,000 and a total land area of 5,196 square km, the region is most known for the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which was featured in several notable Hollywood movies and is one of the most famous tourist spots of the region. The region is mainly dominated by equatorial climate due to its proximity with the coast. The eastern parts of the province are dominated by flat river plains while the west features a mountainous terrain which includes the Tenasserim Hills which is made mostly out of limestone with several caves dotting the area.

Established during the Dvaravati period, the city of Ratchaburi was deemed as one of the most important cities in the kingdom of Mon. Translating to “the land of the kings”, this ancient city, some believe that it was founded back in the era of the mythical Suvannabhumi kingdom even before the establishment of Dvaravati. The region is dominated by 98.3% of the Buddhist community with mostly, hill tribes such as the Karen who lives near the border of Myanmar who make up for the rest of the population of the area. 

How is the lifestyle in Ratchaburi?

Ratchaburi features some of the most laid back and inexpensive regions in the entire country. If you are looking to have lunch in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you somewhere around 100 Baht while dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant with a three-course meal will cost you somewhere around 1000 Baht for your next date. Daily groceries are also quite inexpensive with a litre of milk coating around 52 Baht and a kilogram of rice will cost about 43 Baht. A loaf of white bread will cost about 36 Baht and a dozen eggs will cost about 50 Baht. Transportation is also found very easily throughout the region with a taxi ride starting from 35 Baht with an additional 16 Baht for every additional km that you travel. Those of you who are looking to drive their vehicles, a general sedan will cost about 942,000 Baht with a litre of gasoline costing around 30 Baht. So if you are coming from major urban centres from Europe or North America, chances are you will be finding some of the most exciting and inexpensive lifestyles that the country has to offer. 

Few places of attraction in Ratchaburi.

Located right by the banks of the Mae Klong River, the region is home to some of the most exciting places to visit in the region. Let us take a look at a few: 

Ratchaburi National Museum: If you ever find yourself in the region, missing out on the great museum will be a great loss for the history enthusiasts among you.

Caves of Khao Ngu: One of the most mesmerising ancient caves in the country, Khao Ngu which houses the figure of the Buddha dating back from about 700 years ago.

Mitr Phol Stadium: The people of Thailand love football and the Mitr Phol Stadium is the home turf of the Ratchaburi Mitro Phol Football club which seats about 10,000 spectators. A must-visit for every football fan.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: One of the most visited places of the region, this floating market features some of the most beautiful snapshots Thailand has to offer. 

How is the Ratchaburi Real Estate Market?

If you are planning to settle down in the heart of the region, chances are you will be looking for condos for rent or houses on rent. Condos for rent start at 10,000 Baht per month and ranges to about 80,000 Baht every month depending on the type, age and location of the property. For those of you who are looking to find a house on rent prices will range between 20,000 Baht to 1,000,000 Baht every month. Therefore, the Real Estate Market of Ratchaburi makes it one of the most dynamic in the entire country. 

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Ratchaburi and why?

Looking to do away with monthly rentals when you are settling in Ratchaburi, chances are you will be looking to buy your piece of property. According to a recent survey, condos are some of the hottest pieces of property to buy in Ratchaburi. Prices to buy condos in the downtown area starts from 2,000,000 Baht and can range up to 10,000,000 Baht depending on the type and location of the property. As families tend to get smaller all over the world, condos have become the go-to property type for the next generation of modern citizens. 

What is the Property Price Range for each property type in Ratchaburi?

Buying property can be one of the most decisions that a person can take in their entire lifetime. With property prices going through the roofs all over the world, prices can be quite on the lower side when it comes to buying one in Ratchaburi. Condos in the downtown region will cost around 2,000,000 Baht to about 11,000,000 Baht, all of which depends on the type and location of the property. Houses or villas in the region for sale will cost about 200,000 Baht to about 23,500,000 Baht which depends on the location and type of the property. 

What are the main reasons to invest in Ratchaburi properties?

As evident from the previous sections of the article, Ratchaburi is a great place to settle in if you are on a limited budget. If you consider the fact that living expenses plus the prices of property in the region and its proximity to major urban centers such as Bangkok, Ratchaburi becomes a compelling option to invest in properties for a great return on your investments. 

How the CORONAVIRUSE COVID 19 affecting the property market?

The COVID-19 outbreak is felt across all aspects of the real estate market in Thailand.

People need the cashflow in their hands and with no jobs and income many people need to sell their property in a much lower price.

This COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUSE) situation and the new Property Tax and will affect the secondhand Real Estate Market in Thailand

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