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for rent beautiful 2 bed at MODE 61

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MODE Sukhumvit 61 - Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Central
ID: 920151002-1874
Total Sqm
MODE Sukhumvit 61

84 Sqm
nicely furnished
quiet area

Rental Price : 85,000 baht/month


Swimming Pool
City Center
Near Public Transportation
Air Conditioning
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What do you need to know about Kholong Toei?

Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River the district of Kholong Toei, one of the fifty in Bangkok. The neighbouring districts starting from the north are Watthana, Phra Khanong, Phra Pradeng District of Samut Prakan province which is across the Chao Phraya River, Yan Natwa, Sathon and Pathum Wan. The district in central Bangkok is known for its slum and contains major port facilities. The Khlong Thoei market is also within the district. The area is rich in heritage as its history dates back to as far as the ninth century when the district served as an important port to cities upstream along the Chao Phraya. The name means ‘the canal of padan’ as because the plant grew along the canal’s southern bank. The area was once a part of the Phra Khanong District. It was announced an independent district on 9th November 1989. Originally it consisted of sis sub-districts but later the three of them separated to form Watthana district (announced on 14th October 1997). The port of Khlong Toei also known as Bangkok Port was the only major port for sea in Thailand. The construction for this port began in 1938 and was finished after World War II.

Few Places of attraction in Khlong Toei

There are quite a few attractions in the district of Khlong Toei for travellers around its vicinity. Some of them are: - 

Chuvit Garden – this is a public park made by a massage parlor turned politician Chuwit Kamolvisit from his own plot of land with the size of about 2.4 square kilometres and net worth was estimated to be around 1,250 million Baht when opened in December 2005.

 Khlong Toei slum – The largest, as well as the oldest slum of Bangkok, is the Khlong Toei slum. It is home to over 100,000 people on the land owned by the Port Authority which is about one square mile in area.

How is the lifestyle in Khlong Toei?

Sukhumvit is one of the most popular places in Bangkok that is typically laid back than the others, If you’re looking for a simple meal in an inexpensive restaurant or street food it would cost you around 65 - 100 Baht whereas you would have to spend around 1000 Baht if you’re looking to have a three course meal in a mid range restaurant. The cost of living in Sukhumvit is also relatively high compare to other place out far from Sukhumvit, a litre of milk would cost you about 50 Baht and a kilogram of rice could be bought with around 35 baht, a dozen of milk would cost you around 60 Baht. Transportation in this area is really cheap when compared to other districts. The BTS and MRT train lines pass through the district, the BTS train stations being Nana, Asok, Phrom Pong, Thong Lo, Ekkamal, Phra Khanon and On Nut. The MRT train stations are Khlong Toei, Queen sikrit Convention Center and Sukhumvit. You can buy a one-way ticket in this area for about 30 Baht, a taxi can be used to travel around the district for around 50 Baht with an addition of 20 Baht per kilometres. Monthly passes are also available for around 2000 Baht. A general sedan vehicle in the area would cost you around 850,000 Baht.

The first time visitors of this district are sure to be amazed at the simple yet happening life going on the Sukhumvit road.  

How is the Khlong Toei Real Estate Market?

If you are looking forward to settling down in Sukhumvit, Khlong Toei, you would probably want to look at condos (apartments) or villas (houses) for rent. Dependable on the size, type and location on Sukhumvit the condos range from 8,000 Baht to 170,000 Baht. If you’re looking for houses on rent you would have to pay around 25,000 Baht to around 285,000 Baht again depending on the size, location and type of the property, that is the prices of the properties proceed in descending order as you move away from the railway stations and the ease of transportation along with several other amenities are reduced. The real estate market in Khlong Toei makes it one of the most accessible and safe in the whole country.
Property Price on Sukhumvit road can change depending on the proximity to public transportation such as BTS – MRT- Airport link or SRT Stations

What is the most popular type of property for sale in Khlong Toei and why?

It is always more satisfactory to stay at one’s own place than paying monthly rent and staying under a roof that isn’t yours. If you’re looking to settle down in Khlong Toei condos are the more popular type of property in the district. Prices in the areas near to the railway stations start from about 1,750,000 Baht to around 9,000,000 Baht if you are looking for a more luxurious property.

Whereas villas in the area are priced around 3,000,000 Baht to around 18,000,000 Baht depending on the type and location.
Property Price can change depending on the proximity to public transportation such as BTS – MRT- Airport link or SRT Stations

What are the main reasons to invest in Khlong Toei properties?

It is quite evident from the article that Khlong Toei is one of the cheapest yet enjoyable places in the city. The prices of the properties are not too high to put your pocket under a crunch and maybe are just at the right place. Be it Real Estate investors or someone looking to settle down, the real estate in this area is really attracting to the masses and scope of returns is also there for those of you who are looking for a business.
Property Price can change depending on the proximity to public transportation such as BTS – MRT- Airport link or SRT Stations

BTS - MRT - Airport Link Stations Near Khlong Toie District of Bangkok

BTS Sukhumvit Line Siam
BTS Sukhumvit Line Chit Lom
BTS Sukhumvit Line Ploen Chit
BTS Sukhumvit Line NaNa
BTS Sukhumvit Line Asok
BTS Sukhumvit Line Phrom Phong
BTS Sukhumvit Line Thong Lo
BTS Sukhumvit Line Ekkamai
BTS Sukhumvit Line Phra Khanong
MRT Asok
MRT Petchaburi

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