iConnect Real Estate CRM System

Do you feel that your BUSINESS can do MORE?
Do you need more LEADS?
Interested to SAVE TIME and MONEY?

In today's market Technology becomes a key factor of handling sales or rent.
Nothing will replace the human factor but Technology will definitely will make it easier to deal with.
This Technology will generate more money to your business!

Here are some of the iConnect CRM features:

iConnect CRM system for Real Estate is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed for real estate agents and brokerages to manage their leads, clients, and transactions in one centralized platform. This software enables agents to organize and track important information such as property details, client feedback, communication history, and transaction progress. With iConnect, agents can streamline their workflows, automate tasks, and deliver personalized experiences to their clients. It also offers reporting and analytics tools that help agents gain insights into their business performance and make data-driven decisions. Overall, iConnect CRM system can help real estate professionals enhance their productivity, improve client satisfaction, and grow their business.

iConnect CRM - Property Listing System

Your Business need a smarter way to communicate with the world!

  • * Property Management - Manage all your properties and owners information
  • * Contact Management - Manage your contact as buyers, sellers, renter, leads, follow up and schedule showings 
  • * Calendar - Schedule Property Showing, Meetings and Inspection.
  • * AGENT CONNECT (a unique platform the personally connect with your Sellers and Buyer)
  • * Property MLS(Multi Listing System)
  • * New Development Platform - Connect and sell new Project all over Thailand
  • * FIND A BUYER (yes you can find buyers here)
  • * iMarketing - Create marketing materials, Brochures, Documents, Reports, Birthday cards and many more 
  • * Global Referral - Send and receive referrals of buyer and/or sellers from all over the world.
  • * Keep transaction records
  • * Comparison market analysis(generate professional CMA with one click)
  • * Agent Mobile App
  • * Buyer Match - Find Pending Buyers from any of our offices for your properties(not just your buyers or your office buyers).
  • * Property Match - Find and Promote any of the properties from any of our agents and offices to your buyers.
       All of our database is available for you to market under your name!
  • * Find similar property by price or by area 
  • * Perfect CoBroking - Promote Properties of our network as their were yours
       with this feature you can send your client a property that belong to other Agent, the client will receive the property as you are the Agent.
  • * Remember the "Perfect CoBroking" so you can also do it Automatic,
       Your client will  receive an email everytime someone in our network will add a Property that will match the client criteria.
  • * iDocuments Save all your documents of the property, Make a property report to the owner, Create automated documents 
  • * Reports - Generate all type of report, such as Leads, conversion, property listed, website hits, and many more 
  • * Survey tool Create a Survey with your clients 
  • * XML feed to Portals ( Proppit, DotProperty, Thailand Property, Property Hub, ,Thai Rat)
  • * All the public details are sync with the website 
  • * Personal Office/Agent website(optional)
  • * Virtual Property Showing
  • * Local support in Thai and English 
  • * Ongoing Training 
  • * And many many more......

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