You have a Second-Hand home (Resale) for sale? 

It would be best if you had a professional Real Estate Property Agent that specialized in Resale of Second Hand Properties to help you.

We know you want to sell your property fast and at the highest price possible. You can view our unique Seller Guide for Resale Second-hand properties that wish to resale their home.

RE/MAX has the most professional Agents who are focusing on the resale of second hand homes, Agents that listens to your needs, dedicate their time for the resale process, conducts the work ethically, have the local market knowledge and are very responsive to your needs.

All RE/MAX Agents are Trained to sell Second Hand Properties, and they are pledging to follow the Code of Ethics, a comprehensive list containing 24 articles and underlying standards of practice. This code establishes levels of conduct that are higher than ordinary business practices. 

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Please note that you may need a Bank Loan (Mortgage) when buying a second-hand home Resale or foreclosed home sold by a bank, including detached homes, condominium units, townhouses, shophouses, and land.

Second hand property for sale