Real Estate Broker vs Real Estate Agent

What is a real estate broker in Thailand

Real Estate Broker or Property Agent

Real Estate Agent or Franchise Broker

What is a Broker?

  • Business Owner
  • Recruiting Agents
  • Manage Team of Agents
  • Commission From Many Agents
  • Market Share
  • Network
  • On-Going Support
  • Advanced Education
  • Unlimited Business Growth


Broker Roll is to recruit Professional Real
Estate Agents and providing them with all the
Tools and Services they need.

What is an Agent?

  • Self Employed
  • Farming for Properties
  • Showing Properties
  • Working with Buyers & Sellers
  • Closeing Deals
  • Split Commission with Broker
  • Limited Market Share
  • Network
  • Basic Agent Training
  • Limited Business Growth


Agent Roll is to recruit Properties and provide
Services to Buyers and Sellers for successful

What do you want to be?
an Agent or a Broker

Be a real estate Broker -Property Agency Agent

Become a real estate agent - Agent Free Training