TREBA - Thai Real Estate Broker Association

Thai Real Estate Broker Association

Objectives of the Thai Real Estate Broker Association

* Promote the operation of enterprises related to real estate broker 2
* Support and help members Fixed various obstacles. Including negotiating and making an agreement with third parties For the mutual benefit of the member enterprises Monitor and monitor the movement of the real estate market; Both inside and outside the country to benefit For conducting business, trade, industry, finance or economy
* Harmonize and exchange knowledge Opinion of each other in academic, news and research on real estate brokerage business.
* Request statistics or documents Or would like to know any message From members dealing with real estate brokerage business With the consent of the member
* Promote the quality of real estate brokerage business Where members are distributors to meet good standards As well as discipline and improve the real estate brokerage system For efficiency and for better results
* Cooperate with the government to promote real estate brokerage development to good standards In line with the government policy Making an agreement or setting a regulation for members to practice or refrain from doing In order for the member's enterprises to be carried out successfully
* Promoting health, sports and entertainment events From time to time
* Compromise disputes between members Or between members and third parties in operating an enterprise
* Provide courtesy to members In terms of welfare, as far as non-trade is prohibited under Section 22 of the Trade Association Act B.E. 1966

Policy of the Thai Real Estate Broker Association

* Pushing laws that benefit real estate brokerage business and the public
* Promote the real estate brokerage profession By organizing training and seminars To raise standards and strengthen professional ethics in real estate brokerage.
* Promote buying-selling real estate By using modern data center technology system as a tool for real estate buying and selling
* Providing legal advice related to real estate brokerage business
* Strengthening the professional role of real estate brokerage to be recognized by the public

Member of the Thai Real Estate Broker Association There are 5 types of membership types.

1 Ordinary members are juristic persons operating an enterprise related to real estate brokerage business.
2 Associate members are natural persons operating an enterprise in real estate brokerage business. In the responsibility of ordinary members
3 Extraordinary members are natural persons or juristic persons operating an enterprise in trade, industry or finance related to real estate business.
4 Qualifying members are natural persons who operate a real estate brokerage business and hold ordinary members' identification cards. Or extraordinary members for not less than 3 consecutive years, at least 25 years of age, graduated with a bachelor's degree or being a competent person, with results that can be seen according to the resolution of the committee And must pass training and examinations through a high-level course from an institution recognized by the association.
5 Honorary members are persons whom the Committee deems to be highly qualified. Or be a person who sponsors you to the association Which the Board of Directors has resolved to enter Become a member and that person accepts the invitation.

Benefits for members of the Real Estate Broker Association

* Prepare the Journal of the Association As a medium for public relations activities of the association And members continuously on the web site named
* Attending seminars to promote knowledge and business opportunities at a special rate. (Or free on occasion)
* Right to receive professional skills development training (At a special rate than general outsiders)
* Business opportunities from which members will have the right to participate in affiliate marketing activities. (CO-BROKERAGE MARKETING SESSION)
* Benefits from a future cooperation agreement with NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (NAR).
* Other benefits

Prawit Anusiri President of the Association Managing Director Estate Startup Co., Ltd.

Mr. Prawit Anusiri
(President of the Association)
Managing Director
Estate Startup Co., Ltd.

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