RE/MAX Franchise Business Model in Thailand

Why walk when you can run and grow your business faster.

When you join the established franchise brand RE/MAX, you hit the ground running!  Over 50 years of operational expertise and global recognition to support you. What’s more, you’re armed with all the tools you need to become successful in the real estate industry in Thailand.

What is Real Estate Franchise System?

A Real Estate Franchise system is a method of distributing services, licensed by RE/MAX as Franchisor.
A Franchisee (Broker) can acquire the right to benefit from all this expertise by acquiring a Franchise. There is an initial fee together with a monthly franchise fee, a monthly royalty fee and a small percentage of sales commissions

Overall, the franchise business model provides a balance of independence and support for entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.

Why a RE/MAX Franchise?

Because it’s the #1 real estate brand in the world! No other company has the brand reach, the number of top performers Agents, the most advanced Technologies, best Training and Support system in the local industry in Thailand and the world.

The RE/MAX franchise business model operates by allowing individuals to become franchisees and open their own real estate offices. This model is beneficial because it allows franchisees to operate independently while still having access to the support and resources of a larger company. Additionally, franchisees can benefit from the established brand recognition and marketing efforts of RE/MAX. However, franchise fees and royalties must be paid to the company.

RE/MAX Thailand Provides the Global Brand Name, the business system, the Technological support, business support, CRM system, Training, Marketing Apps, and networks, together with Seminars, IT support, 3D/360 Degree Property Scan, Portal Integration, and much more.

Owning a RE/MAX branded franchise is the easiest way to attract and retain the industry’s best Agents; reaching out to home buyers and sellers – and to grow your business beyond anything you could imagine

Franchisor Main Focus

Global Brand - The largest global network of franchisee-owned and operated offices with the world's most productive real estate sales agents.

Training - RE/MAX provides exceptional training opportunities by inviting top leading speakers and trainers to share their expertise. Additionally, this ensures that new and established agents alike have access to the latest information and strategies for success. Therefore, it is evident that investing in these training programs can provide agents with a significant advantage in their Property Agent careers.

Technologies – RE/MAX Thailand provides the best technologies on the market, such as innovative software iConnect CRM System and AI tools, which enable real estate agents to improve their workflow and increase productivity significantly. 

Marketing – Agents needs proper marketing tools. RE/MAX Agents have the highest property exposure in the market due to the comprehensive marketing tools such as iConnect, iMarketing, iDocuments, PhotoFy, AI tools, Matterport 3D/360 degree Property Scan, Heartbeat Training Platform, Portal Integration via XML feed, Canva Templates, regional and global websites, and much more.

Regional Support – Over 50 years of real estate operation knowledge and local know-how that will help you avoid the mistakes of other agents.

In other words, why reinvent the wheel when RE/MAX has already taken that wheel and built a smooth-running vehicle around it? The beauty of a RE/MAX franchise is  it’s ability to duplicate systems in markets around the world, creating a blueprint for an aspiring Broker/Owner like you.

Together we can grow our business bigger and faster

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