Why Buyers Should Use an Agent to represent them when buying a property in Thailand?

What is the Value of a real estate buyer’s agent?

The agents work for the Buyers, the right Agent that is searching for an ideal property. Your Agent will represent your interests in the property in the best way, and most often this service comes with no service cost to you! The services of a buyer’s agent can be extremely helpful in the area with a large inventory of properties such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui.

REMAX agents in Thailand work with clients from all over the world to help them find the right property that fits their needs. REMAX agents will guide you with every step of the buying process, from the initial search through closing on the property. Our Agents are collaborating to find properties within the network and outside. a buyer’s agent also provides advice and support to make correct, informed decisions. Here are the reasons why you should use a buyer’s agent when looking for a property in Thailand.

Buyer Agent In Thailand Phuket Samui Pattaya

Understanding the Buyer Needs

Our Agents spend time with their clients to fully understand their required needs. What is a must for you and what can compromise by you is important for clearly communicating when buying a property. you may think you want to invest in a house in Phuket, but if there is a fantastic condo with a sea view in Pattaya or Samui, you may be happy to consider if you are still getting everything that is important to you.

Investment opportunities

Instead of looking for a new Condo or a House Villa, you may be interested to buy Thailand real estate as an investment. If you are interested in renting out your property to receive a monthly income stream, your buyer’s agent will be able to tell you where the best rental markets are, and which seasons are the busiest when the rental yield is high. Thailand is well known for the high tourism industry year-round you may want to purchase property that will serve you as a holiday property as well.

Your REMAX Agent in Thailand will not just help you to find your suitable properties, but they’ll also explain how much work needs to be done (if any) to get your property up and running as a business.

Market expert of the specific area

RE/MAX Agents are the expert in the area. With years of experience and ongoing training, our agent knows the market inside out.
What areas are currently a hot trend or what area is developing and grow in value.

You can consult with our agents where is the best location to invest.

Buyer’s agents collaborate with other Agents

Local estate agents don’t necessarily have all the listings in a specific area, but they do work with other agents in the Area.

Buyer’s agents have established, trustworthy connections with the local Agents that can be trusted. They can reach out to the top estate agents, lawyers, and sellers in your destination. Also, since agents have relationships with developers and large property owners, they’ll be able to find out information about a property that you may not discover on your own. By getting in-depth information about a property before purchasing the property.

You don’t have to speak Thai

While you may want to learn a bit of Thai when you come to travel in Thailand, you can go through buying a property without being able to speak any Thai Language. Many of our agents are multilingual. They can speak your native language and Thai.

Property Research and Inspection

An Agent often spends time researching for the right property for their client using a unique technology to find and match your requirements to the database of properties in our hands. That way, agents can accurately point out the strengths and weaknesses of the property also can perform a property inspection so that you, the client, know exactly what they’re getting into. When the buyer goes for a property viewing, only the best, most suitable properties will be on your list. Your Agent will make sure the property will include the most important points that you requested.

The Masters of Negotiations

Agent’s job is not just to find you the right property to invest. Your Agent will stay around through the entire sale process and help negotiate a deal that’s in your best interests. Since the agent is representing you, your Agent is acting for you as a buyer’s agent to protect you. Buyer’s agents have also trained in negotiation techniques, both through places such as RE/MAX. This is something to look for when selecting an agent.

Buyer agent often doesn’t cost you anything

Service Commission is most often free to the buyer because the real estate agent earns part of the Commission fee from the seller side. Sometimes, a buyer’s agent will have to ask you to cover his commission, but that is only in cases where there is no commission from the seller’s side or other agents will not cooperate on commissions.

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