Service and Support to RE/MAX Franchises

RE/MAX Thailand provides exceptional service and support to its franchisees. Moreover, the franchisees can take advantage of the resources and training programs offered by RE/MAX. Additionally, they can benefit from the established brand recognition and reputation of RE/MAX. As a result, franchisees can expect to receive the necessary tools and guidance to succeed in the real estate industry.

REMAX Support for franchise - Global Brand  No. 1 GLOBAL BRAND

Get yourself branded with the largest real estate brand worldwide
and gain immediate


Over 500 online and offline training in Thai & English available on demand 24/7
Most Training are free. 

Network of professional real estate  NETWORK

Over 140,000 Agents worldwide in over 110 countries, Over 250 Agents in Thailand in over 13 provinces. 


Get Access to RE/MAX MaxCenter with global resources


Promote your properties on RE/MAX local & global website


All the legal documents that you need to run your real estate business
Our legal team are
vailable to answer your questions in Thai and English 


Get a FREE listing package with most real estate portals in Thailand
Additional listing packags are offered at a low price

Global referral for buyers and seller leads  GLOBAL REFERRAL

Over 140,000 RE/MAX Agents in over 110 countries are helping each other to buy and sell properties. Maximize the network potential with global referrals


Get access to over 10,000 properties that you can Co-Broke and promote as it was yours.


RE/MAX is in partnership of a 3rd party service to provide Property Appraisal Services all over Thailand.


A powerful Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to ensure your properties will be rank well on the website


Our IT team are here to support our Franchises with all of RE/MAX systems


Use a branded email account [email protected]
People will recognize you as a branded Agent 


CRM Customer Relationship Management system with Lead Pipeline Management system


3D / 360 Degree property scan 


The best marketing app for real estate agents to promote properties 

 Pre-Approval Mortgage

Access to main Banks mortgage pre-approval request


Generate and Save your document Connected to the property and owner


Create your own video advertising for FREE, Choose any design from and make a video in seconds 


Use the predesign Template created by the RE/MAX Thailand team with the easy to use Canva App


The Heartbeat Community app can help you with all your knowledge base training

* These services may change from time to time

Franchisee Service and Support

RE/MAX Thailand is a franchise known for its exceptional real estate services. It is one of the largest and most respected names in the industry across the world. To maintain its reputation, RE/MAX Thailand invests a significant amount of resources to provide quality support and services to its franchisees.From start to finish, RE/MAX Thailand nurtures their franchisees through every aspect of the business. They provide a full range of services, from franchise training to comprehensive marketing support. They always ensure that franchisees have the necessary tools they need to be successful in the real estate industry.

One of the first things that franchisees will notice about RE/MAX Thailand is its exhaustive franchise training process. The company offers new franchise owners a comprehensive training program that includes training on the latest industry trends, effective marketing, and sales techniques. By equipping their franchisees with the latest tools and training, they set the stage for success from day one.

Another key feature of RE/MAX Thailand's service and support to franchisees is its expert marketing services. They have highly trained and experienced marketing professionals who work tirelessly to create the perfect marketing strategy for each franchisee. The company recognizes that marketing is one of the most critical aspects of the real estate business, which is why they invest heavily in their marketing department to give franchisees access to the latest marketing tools and strategies.

When it comes to support, RE/MAX Thailand goes above and beyond. The company offers ongoing support to its franchisees, ensuring that they are never alone. They provide access to industry experts who have years of experience and are willing to share their knowledge to help their colleagues become successful entrepreneurs. Franchisees receive dedicated support and get webinars, online tools, support from regional offices, and conferences to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

RE/MAX Thailand is not just about selling property; they are also committed to helping their franchisees be successful. They offer various business development resources to ensure that franchisees can take their real estate businesses to the next level. This includes access to exclusive industry insights, sales techniques, and webinars on topics such as team management, lead generation, and business planning.

Another advantage of a RE/MAX Thailand franchise is the support network of franchisees and agents. The company emphasizes collaboration and open communication among its network. It ensures that all of its franchisees are able to connect with each other and share their knowledge with one another. This means that even the most experienced franchisees have access to support when they need it, and new franchise owners will always have experienced colleagues they can turn to for advice.

In conclusion, RE/MAX Thailand offers unparalleled service and support to its franchisees. From the start of the franchising process, the company invests in its franchisees, offering comprehensive training, expert marketing services, ongoing support, business tools and mentorship. With its commitment to collaboration and open communication, RE/MAX Thailand is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a successful career in real estate.