Wherever you may go you will be surrounded by real estate.
Whether houses, offices, warehouses, Condominium or Commercial. These buildings are all the products of Property Development. Real Estate Property developers are building the world around us.

So, what is property development?
Real Estate development, is the process of developing buildings or land into a higher or different use that will increases the value of the property.
Development can be:

  • Buying land and building property on it.
  • Renovating, extending, or improving the property.
  • Converting property from one use type to another.

It is simple to explain A Property Developer adds value to land or property”

By adding value, a developer can extract a profit from development. This is one of the main (but not only) goals in property development. The concept of developing property to its highest and best use value is property development process.

LPN Developer - Top Developer in Thailand


LPN Development was establish in 1989, Since then, LPN succed to grow as one of the Top Developer in Thailand,  LPN build reputation for developing affordable condos that target the mid low sector. 

LPN has a good track record of completed project under the “Lumpini” brand project.