Real Estate Agent Career in Thailand

If you are considering a career in real estate, then you might be wondering how to get started and what are some of the best options available for you. One great option to consider is working with a reputable real estate brand like RE/MAX.
In Thailand, real estate is a thriving industry with plenty of opportunities for growth and success. Here we explore the benefits of becoming a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX.
At RE/MAX, our agents are empowered with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional real estate experience for their clients.
We believe in developing meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers and clients that are based on trust, knowledge and support.
Our agents are trained to be experts in their respective markets and can offer valuable insights into the local property market.

As a RE/MAX Agent, you can benefit from our extensive network of industry contacts and cutting-edge tools. This includes access to exclusive training programs and resources that can help you stay ahead of the curve and achieve your career goals. You will also have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of professionals who are supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about helping you succeed.

Whether you are just starting out in your real estate career or looking for a more senior role, joining RE/MAX can provide you with more opportunities for success.
You will have access to a global network of agents and brokers as well as a wealth of resources to help you grow your business. Furthermore, our brand recognition and reputation for delivering exceptional service means that you can tap into a larger pool of potential clients and build your reputation in the industry.

Overall, working as a real estate agent in Thailand can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. By partnering with a reputable brand like RE/MAX, you can benefit from the support, training, and resources you need to thrive in this dynamic and ever-changing industry. 


RE/MAX benefits for our Real Estate Agent:

 Leading edge education, and mentoring - Real Estate Agent Training Programs

  • The No.1 Global Brand
  • Up to 80% Sale Commission
  • RE/MAX Membership
  • Business and Technology tools that lead the industry
  • Experienced agents that help and support each other
  • Worldwide referral network for more leads
  • Professional Broker Owners, Managers and Mentors
  • Personal Promotion 
  • Portal Proprty Feed
  • Global Referral 
  • RE/MAX Hustle
  • Heartbeat Training App
  • CRM System

Join The Real Estate Agent Industry Leader 

A network of more than 140,000 Broker Associates working through more than 8,000 + Broker offices in more than 110 countries provides you an opportunity to jump start your career in real estate.

REMAX Real Estate Agent get the maximum commission in comparison to industry norms. The Professional training, technology, support, network and brand given to REMAX Real Estate agent ensures that they become specialists in Real Estate dealings.


We hope to see you join one of our RE/MAX Offices in Thailand.

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