Real Estate Agent training

Real Estate Agent Training, "Kick Start for Success"

Professional Service Starts With a Professional Agent 

The Real Estate Agents has a big rule in a successful transaction, There many skills that agents need to have before starting work.
Even there is no Agent License requirements in Thailand, it is recommended to learn the basics that agents need to provide to their clients.
We have customize a 3 day’s training that will give new agents and existing agents the tools to become a successful real estate agent in Thailand.

"Kick Start for Success" Agent Training is designed to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in this competitive industry.
In this Agent training program, we will cover the ground basics of the Agent profession in Thailand and equip you with the tools necessary for a successful career. Whether you are a new agent or an existing one looking to enhance your skills, our 3-day Agent training program will give you the tools that you need.
Led by experienced professionals Brokesrs and Agents from RE/MAX Thailand, this training program is tailor-made to meet the needs of agents in the Thai market. 

We understand the importance of providing high-quality service to clients, and we believe that professional service starts with a professional agent.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your Agent career.

Certified Training by the (TREBA) Thai Real Estate Broker Association   

Here are the main training topics:

Set Goals, Expectation and Learn how to Reach them

One of the key elements of achieving success is setting clear goals and expectations for yourself. During the Agent training, you'll learn how to set achievable goals but also how to strategically work towards them, ensuring your growth and success of your career.

Mental preparation – get ready for your life career 

Mental preparation is important aspect of a successful agent's journey. you will discover effective methods and strategies to get yourself mentally ready for a fulfilling and prosperous career.
Developing the right mindset will help you navigate all your challenges, overcome obstacles, and seize opportunities when they arise.

Build your Business "Farming"

Building your business is essential to your long-term success as a real estate agent. During the training, you'll learn how to start your career and how to identify your "Farming" area of expertise, and how to effectively target and attract potential clients within that specific area. you'll be able to better position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Recruiting for Properties

Recruiting properties is a fundamental skill for any successful agent. The training will provide you with effective techniques to locate and secure properties in your Farming Area. From researching potential listings to approaching property owners, you'll learn how to build relationships and negotiate deals that benefit all parties involved.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

One of the most challenging aspects of real estate is dealing with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties. The training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate and negotiate with FSBO property owners. By mastering this skill, you'll be able to expand your list of potential properties and increase your chances of closing deals successfully.

Exclusive Listing (Why & How)

The training will delve into the importance of exclusive listings and teach you the best methods for obtaining them. You'll learn how to distinguish yourself from other agents and convince property owners of the benefits of working exclusively with you. Having exclusive listings gives you a significant advantage. 

Objection Handling

Objection handling is an essential skill for any professional agent. During the agent training, you'll learn how to anticipate and address common objections that clients may have. By providing compelling responses and solutions, you'll be able to overcome objections and build trust with potential clients.

Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

The training also covers the creation of an effective Marketing Action Plan (MAP) to grow your business. You'll discover the most successful marketing strategies and tactics that  agents use to attract and retain clients. From online marketing to traditional advertising, you'll gain valuable insights to help you create a marketing plan (MAP) to sell the property..

This training is certified by the Thai Real Estate Broker Association (TREBA), ensuring that you receive high-quality instruction from industry professionals. 

Agent Training Cost: 6,900 Baht
Training Time: 3 Days