Property for Sale or Rent in Bangkok, Thailand

Thinking to buy or rent a property in Bangkok? Now is a good time to make this investment. Note that in today market buyers can be easily overwhelmed by the range and amount of properties investment opportunities that Thailand has to offer.

Learning the market is very important step to do before you make your final decision to invest. 

Condo for Rent in Sukhumvit Road

Condo for Sale on Sukhumvit Road

Use a Real Estate Agent that is expert in Condominums 

Choose a real estate agent that you can trust to ensure you will receive the best advice before you buying. Your Agent will be able to help you to look after your investment and assist you with the rentals and future sale. You also want your Agent to provide you with a professional after sales service.
Your Real Estate Agent will point out for you of any developments or developers who are best to avoid and make safer recommendations of tried and tested developers for you to consider. Agents will provide you with the best possible information as they want you as their client and also to refer future client to them. 

Foreigners can buy a condo in Bangkok?

Foreigners can buy condominium unit under their own name only if the condo unit that they are purchasing has an available foreign quota up to 49% percent of the sellable size of the condominium that is the maximum allocation to foreign buyers. In case that the foreign quota is already reached the 49% In building Foreigners will still may able to make a leasehold agreement for 30 year or more.
Note: In some cases, Developers are selling a Thai Quota unit in a lower price for the reason: it can only be sold to a Thai national or Thai company.

Purchasing Strategy Condominium 

As a Real Estate Investor, you should look at your investment goals, when buying a condo, you should decide what are your needs: capital appreciation, rental yields, lifestyle, personal living or seeking for a future retirement. Low priced units may look the best value as an investment but bear in mind a high-density development of similarly sized maybe more difficult to rent and/or resell, if many similar units enter the market so supply could out market the demand.

Condominium Maintenance Fees

Before buying a condo always check the building management agreement and what are the maintenance fees. A general rule is that you get what you pay for. Some developments may require a very low maintenance fee or even giving you a promotion of 2 years of free maintenance but still expect that the property will be poorly maintained.
Common maintenance fee in Bangkok between THB45-60 per sqm for an adequately maintained building.

Use a Real Estate Lawyer when buying a condo

When you are buying a property in Bangkok it is not required to have a lawyer to complete the transaction but we do recommend using a real estate lawyer as he will read through the purchase agreement, handle the transfer process and fees.
A good lawyer will be able to explain toy the contract and make sure you understand everything fully.

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Properties for Sale and Rent by Districts: 

Thailand Market Real Estate Slow Down 

Impacted by the slowdown of Chinese visitors. The Chinese investors have a big rule of foreign property buyers in Thailand but their presence has waned as China’s economy slows and capital controls to take money out of China become much more strict.

There are over 100,000 new Condo Apartments that are empty and waiting to be sold by developers, with an ongoing increase of the supply over 10% year by Year and growing numbers of available units.
However the Local Demand side is not strong, Many of the local buyers are buying properties as investment only and not for living purposes, That drives many investments units in the market but not that many people to occupy them, in RE/MAX reports we can see that price of Sale Price and Rent price are gradually going down as people prefer to rent their property in a lower price rather to keep it empty.

Real Estate Property Law are easy with for foreigners, The law is very straight and simple, Who ever got in to the Kingdom of Thailand Legally can have the right to buy a Condo with Freeholding right (100% ownership),  This law give good incentive for buyers to buy a condo in Bangkok as in some other countries they cannot have the same rights of ownerships.

Good Yield and Capital Gain (ROI)

As Real Estate Property Condo Price keep on rising, Investors see the opportunity of investment in Bangkok Condo Property Market.
From a cheap studio condo unit to a 300SQM luxury Condo in Sukhumvit the capital gain of condo in Bangkok can be very high. Yield in not always the best reason to invest but putting together the Yield and Capital Gain you will get a good property investment in Condo in Bangkok.

COVID 19 Effects 

COVID 19 is challenging the real estate market in Bangkok, However, the market is expected to be more stable in the future as the COVID 19 vaccine is already on the way.

Many landlords are offering 5-30% discounts for regular condo rental for the a short period by trying to lock in longer-term, Condo Owners adapt to the market changes including more flexible offerings of shorter (six-month or monthly) lease terms and lower rents.

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