3D/360° Degree Property Scan Service

New way to showcase your property with Matterport 3D camera. Service provided by RE/MAX Thailand.
This 3D/360° Degree Camera is designed to scan the interior of a property to maximize and showcase the property in best way possible for potential clients.
Giving your clients an actual walk through the property, Client can look up and down, left and right, move forward, backward. This technology is incredible and really helps Developers and Agents to show the property in a way we haven’t really been able to experience before.

Matterport Real Estate Property Scan

Property 360 scan panoramic

3D and 360 Degree Property Scan Features

  • High Accuracy
  • 4K Resolution
  • Fully Immersive 3D Model
  • Auto-generated videos and gifs
  • Virtual Reality
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • 2D Photos - Web Resolution
  • 2D Photos - High Resolution for Print
  • Floor plan

virtual property scan 3D 360 matterport for sale property

Why use 3D/360° Property Scan?

Property Buyers want to experience the property showing in real as it’s the only way that the client will be able to feel how it will feel living in the property.
Our brains is constantly calculating distances, sizes, and volumes to understand the orientation of the rooms around us. 
360 Degree and 3D Showcase give home buyers and sellers more than visuals photos – this scan can provide the feeling of being in real.
360 Degree and 3D Showcase is the only way to give your audience a true sense of presence - the feeling of being in a place. That’s why our showcase Scans are immersive way to experience the property online like its real.

At first glance this property scan can look like other panoramic tours or fish eye 360 photos but we are using a special thechnology to scan each property with multiple scaning points 


Get Emotional Connection

360° / 3D real estate property tours by Matterport Camera lets buyers actually move through a property as if they were really there.
Only A Matterport 3D Showcase more completely immerses visitors so they can create an emotional connection with the property before making a purchase decision.

Property scan for venue place

This 360 and 3D scan is the new trend in hotel
Marketing, The 360 degree can showcase the Hotel
in the best way possible.

Venue room, guest room, lobby and any indoor place

scan your place in 3D Matterport property service

Dining in Restaurant is part of everyone life
People like to enjoy the Restaurant they will be
dining in Restaurant owner spend a lot of
thinking and design in their Restaurant.

3D and 360 Degree of your Restaurant will showcase
your Restaurant with full glamor

for best results property 360 3d panoramic photo

you need the best photos to sell your property, 3D 360 degree property scan willgive you the best result of your property potential 

3D/360° Degree Property Scan Service