Ideal Real Estate Franchise Owner in Thailand

Our ideal franchisee will have the passion for success, willingness to grow, and will share the same vision that RE/MAX has had for more than 41 years of professional business in the real estate market worldwide. Whether you’ve already been identified as one of our Franchise candidates or you’ve chosen to explore the real estate opportunity on your own, there’s a reason: You’re a top performer and you gravitate toward other top performers.

An ideal RE/MAX franchise owner is…

A top performer in his or her market, with:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • A desire to mentor and help other agents
  • Drive, passion and a relentless desire to succeed
  • The ability to invest in his or her future
  • Team Player and collaboration
  • Vision and drive for success
  • Willing to learn more and more
  • Passion and Commitment

Something to consider…

No matter how well you perform as a single real estate agent, you’re still a single agent, and if you need to take time off, so will your commission. A business decision to consider; as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner, your team of real estate agents would continue selling and earning revenue, contributing to your bottom line of income and the growth of your top performing business.

How To Start my Real Estate Business?

We know that most people may have the ideal personal qualities to start the real estate business but don’t know how and where to start. That is why we have a special starting program of 4-6 months to establish your new real estate franchise business. In addition, our business consultant will assist you in this process to give you the best start possible.

What’s your retirement plan for income?

Whether retirement is on the horizon or not, you should have an exit strategy in place. Unfortunately most of us don’t save enough money to fully support our growing family and ourselves in retirement so we still need to generate more income…you don’t have the luxury to enjoy the life you want only from your life pension.

Becoming a real estate RE/MAX Broker/Owner may be the only plan you need to get the income that you always wanted. When you build your business in real estate upon the capabilities of a talented team of professional agents, there is a better chance it will be attractive to a potential buyer when you’re ready to move on.

Real Estate Broker in Thailand

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