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DO I NEED REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE TO BECOME A RE/MAX FRANCHISE OWNER? You do not need to have real estate experience to own a franchise. The most important qualities are the drive to be an entrepreneur and the desire to learn and succeed. We have many successful owners who do not have real estate backgrounds.

FOR HOW LONG IS THE RE/MAX FRANCHISE AGREEMENT? As the Real Estate Business is a long term business, all of our Franchise agreement are for 5 years term.

CAN I RENEW THE FRANCHISE AGREEMENT? YES. The franchise agreement is renewable !

DO I HAVE TO WORK FULL TIME IN THE BUSINESS?A successful office will need a full time attention. This might of course be covered by the franchisee or a manager of his/her choice.

WHAT ARE THE FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS?Minimum Financial Requirements – RE/MAX Thailand requires a minimum "Business Investment" The total cost to begin operations will vary from market to market and depend on many factors such as rent, utilities, signage. The initial franchise fees start at 250,000THB , depending on population density and number of transaction in the requested area. Estimated Total Investment start from 250,000 THB - 1,000,000 THB, Depending on the location and size of the office and includes capital for 6 months operation.

HOW LONG DOES IT TYPICALLY TAKE TO OPEN A RE/MAX FRANCHISE OFFICE?A typical New office will open in 45 – 90 days. However, many factors can contribute to the schedule. Much of the timing depends on securing the location for your dream office. Any way we’ll be with you every step of the way.

HOW SHOULD I CHOOSE THE LOCATION FOR MY OFFICE?You want to look for a location that offers great visibility, easy access and parking for both your agents and clients. The ability to have exterior signage is also an important consideration, because it helps market your office and makes it easier for clients to find you. If you are looking at space inside a larger office, you will want to make sure you have after-hours access to the building, as agents and clients often meet outside of traditional office hours. We recommend Your office will have space for reception, waiting areas, one or more meeting rooms. The number of offices or work stations you provide for sales associates/agents will depend on the number of people you anticipate, as well as other factors such as growth, size, etc.

WHAT IS THE REQUIREMENT FOR MY OFFICE?Your office should be staffed by at least one full-time administrative assistant. Besides furniture, internet access, and a computer system, a phone system or service with off-hour message receiving and call forwarding or pick-up capability (we can provide you this service).

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM SIZE THAT I NEED FOR MY OFFICE?We understand that location of the office and rent can be a big part of your expenses in the first year. You may want to save some cost and prefer to have a smaller office when your start your business. The minimum office size is 60SQM but is special cases we can consider smaller than that.

I CURRENTLY OWN A CENTURY21 OR ERA FRANCHISE DO YOU HAVE ANY CONVERSION OPPORTUNITIES?YES. RE/MAX Thailand offers a wide variety of financial incentives to convert existing offices and/or to recruit a team. We know that you have worked hard to develop a great office and/or a team ! And we make the transition to RE/MAX easy and at a low-cost.


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