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Pattaya Condo for sale

Pattaya Condo for Sale - Condo for Rent Pattaya

If you are looking to buy a condo in the Pattaya and you would like to receive a professional Agency service.  Our RE/MAX Team will be happy to assist you with the process of buying a condo in Pattaya we have a wide selection of Condo units in Pattaya as Second hand property or New Condo form the developers.

If you wish to list your Condo for Sale, our team will help you to list your condo for sale and suggest you with best practice how to get the maximum value of your condo when you sell it.
RE/MAX Agent will advise you with the best price for your condo for sale in Pattaya .

As REMAX is the largest real estate agency in the worldwide, we have costumers that that contact us from all over the world, With over 47 years of Experience of selling condos worldwide and over 8 years’ experience in Condos for sale in Pattaya.

luxury condos in Pattaya
Cheap Condo in Pattaya
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Investment Property
Property Swap Upgrades or Downgrade

We guarantee a professional service to all our clients

Condo Finance by Owner

Some condo owner agree to sell their condo with an instalments.
As Bank Loan to foreigners are not optional in Thailand along with the COVID-19 Situation, Some Owners that wish to sell their condo in Pattaya will agree to accept a minimum deposit on the property and work out an easy monthly instalment program to make the transaction.
With keeping the Loan instalment low as a rent, foreigners can practically buy a condo in Pattaya at Rent cost.

Pattaya Condo investment

Pattaya condo rent market offers 5-8% Yield per annum if you are lucky to rent your property.
The Covid 19 change the market completely and it will take some time before the market will get back to normal.
Be careful from all kind of Yield guarantee and easy ROI as these schemes sometime end up badly!

Fire Sale Condo in Pattaya Cheap Condo for sale in Pattaya

The biggest selling point of Fire Sale or Quick Sale  homes is, of course, there under marked price often significantly lower from other similar properties even up to 70% below market value in the same area. Most Fire Sale or Quick Sale are sold very fast as buyers and investors are waiting for does opportunities to come.

Why Fire Sale Condo in Pattaya are sold so cheap?

Pattaya Condo market is very unique at many foreigners come to live in Thailand due to the charming Lifestyle but when there is a situation the owner need to leave the country or financial issue that has the need of quick money the condo owner will sell their Condo in Pattaya very easily and at a low price.  

Because all Condo in Pattaya are sold with full payment its easy for the owner to sell the property as Fire Sale or Quick Sale as the Bank is not involved in the process.

Fire Sale or Quick Sale condos properties for sale in Pattaya are usually sold “as is” if there’s damage, repairs that are needed the Owner most likely won’t invest any more money to repair anything.
The process of Fire Sale property are typically very fast and not required much work.
Once the buyers agree on the terms and condition of the Sale of the Condo in Pattaya the Buyer and Seller will meet at the land office to complete the transaction.

Published by Eran Milo 12/11/2020

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