REMAX Franchise helps you reach your goals faster

Why walk when you can run? When you join an established franchise brand like RE/MAX, you hit the ground running with 40 years of operational expertise and global recognition behind you. What’s more, you’re armed with endless educational resources – both for helping you recruit top agents and for bettering your agents once they’re on your team.

In other words, why reinvent the wheel when RE/MAX has already taken that wheel and built a smooth-running vehicle around it? The beauty of a RE/MAX franchise is in the ability to duplicate systems in markets around the world, creating a blueprint for an aspiring Broker/Owner like you.

Franchising continues to change the industry.

In 1970, less than 1% of real estate transactions went through a franchise; today, it’s estimated that well over half go through established franchise brands. This points to the way your customers search for real estate agents – the Internet.

The online breadth of real estate franchises acts like a huge net – a net that catches an overwhelming majority of online searches for local real estate agents. That doesn’t leave much web traffic to trickle down to unaffiliated companies.

Trust comes with time and experience

Perhaps more than ever, real estate transactions have become emotional, life-changing events. Many customers have been burned by the housing market and are therefore cautious; they want to deal with agents they trust.

In their shoes, who would you trust? A globally recognized network like RE/MAX orRita’s Real Estate Group? This is the difference between having to work to build confidence versus having confidence built in to your business.

With More than 40 yeas of professional real estate experience in the local Market and the global market your client will prefer to work with the best well know Brand in the world RE/MAX

Fastest Growing Real Estate Franchise 

What This Franchise Business Offers You?

  • Comprehensive and intensive training that includes several courses
  • Local Business advise throughout the process of establishing the new Franchise Business 
  • Improving your skills to maximize your abilities
  • Franchise Broker Conferences locally and internationally to improve your Know-How
  • Potential for cooperation and client referrals Local and Global
  • An Advanced Technological environment at the international, regional and office levels
  • Global Real Estate network with over 90,000 active Real Estate Agent
  • Having an independent Business for yourself but not by yourself with a full support
  • Best SEO Training and Free SEO Support
  • High Rank on Google Search
  • International Leads  
How To Start my Business?

We know that most of the people may have the ideal personal qualities to start the real estate business But don't know how and where to start. That way we have a special staring program of 4 - 6 month to establish the new real estate franchise business. Our business consultant will assist you in this process

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