3D/360° Degree Property Scan Service

Introducing a groundbreaking and innovative way to present your property to potential clients - the Matterport 3D camera, exclusively provided by RE/MAX Thailand. This cutting-edge 3D/360° Degree Camera is specifically engineered to meticulously scan the interior of any property, offering an unparalleled level of exposure and presentation. With this advanced technology, clients can embark on an immersive virtual tour of the property, granting them the ability to explore every nook and cranny, from gazing upwards and downwards, to glancing left and right, and even moving seamlessly forwards and backwards. This remarkable technological marvel has undoubtedly revolutionized the real estate industry, serving as a game-changer for both developers and agents alike, forever transforming the way properties are showcased and experienced.

Experience the extraordinary and transformative power of the Matterport Real Estate Property Scan today, and unlock a whole new dimension of property presentation.

Property 360 scan panoramic

3D and 360 Degree Property Scan Features

  • High Accuracy
  • 4K Resolution
  • Fully Immersive 3D Model
  • Auto-generated videos and gifs
  • Virtual Reality
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • 2D Photos - Web Resolution
  • 2D Photos - High Resolution for Print
  • Floor plan

virtual property scan 3D 360 matterport for sale property

Why use 3D/360° Property Scan?

Property buyers are increasingly seeking an authentic and immersive experience when it comes to viewing potential properties. They understand that simply looking at photos or taking virtual tours is not enough to grasp the essence of a home truly. Our brains are wired to analyze distances, sizes, and volumes, enabling us to comprehend the layout of the rooms around us fully. Recognizing this, we have developed a cutting-edge solution that goes beyond traditional visual photos.

Through the utilization of 360-degree and 3D showcase scans, we are able to transport home buyers and sellers into the very heart of a property. These scans offer a remarkable sense of presence as if one is actually physically present within the space. Through this innovative technology, we can provide an unparalleled level of understanding and appreciation for a property.

While superficially, our scans may resemble other panoramic tours or fisheye 360 photos, they are far more advanced and comprehensive in nature. Our unique approach involves scanning each property from multiple points, capturing every nook and cranny, and meticulously piecing them together to create a holistic view. This meticulous process ensures that nothing is missed, allowing viewers to explore every aspect of the property with utmost clarity and detail.


Get Emotional Connection

Experience the future of real estate with Matterport Camera's 360° / 3D property tours. Step into a world where buyers can explore every nook and cranny of a property, as if they were physically present. The Matterport 3D Showcase takes this immersive journey to the next level, allowing visitors to forge a deep emotional connection with the property even before they decide to make a purchase. Say goodbye to flat, static images and hello to an interactive experience that brings properties to life like never before. With Matterport, the possibilities are endless and the potential for confident decision-making is unparalleled.

Property scan for venue place

This 360 and 3D scan is the new trend in hotel
Marketing, The 360 degree can showcase the Hotel
in the best way possible.

Venue room, guest room, lobby and any indoor place

scan your place in 3D Matterport property service

Dining in Restaurant is part of everyone life
People like to enjoy the Restaurant they will be
dining in Restaurant owner spend a lot of
thinking and design in their Restaurant.

3D and 360 Degree of your Restaurant will showcase
your Restaurant with full glamor

for best results property 360 3d panoramic photo

you need the best photos to sell your property, 3D 360 degree property scan willgive you the best result of your property potential 

3D/360° Degree Property Scan Service