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Test yourself - is a real estate franchise fit for me    Test yourself

Test Yourself - Is the Real Estate Franchise Fit For Me?

This test is to help you understand the bottom line if a Branded Franchise will help you grow your business or not.

If someone were to tell you that they had solutions to many of your professional needs, you would probably be skeptical. Today, the real estate market, we feel that we are already doing our best and get the results that we get. Some try to reinvest the wheel, Real estate agent and agency services didn't change much, but there are more competitions and more distractions on the way.
Real estate Professionals stick to the old fashion way of work, and the new Agents try to get some short cuts to win their glory.
With RE/MAX Franchise system, you will have the skills to coach people to reach their full potential, increase your website's traffic and leads, make you focus on the real job without distractions of your actual job.

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Test yourself is converting to a Banded real estate franchise fit for me

Test your self - Do You Know the Real Estate Law in Thailand -
Thailand has no minimum requirements to become a real estate agent.
Many Real Estate Agents are not knowledgable with the Thai Real Estate Law and regulation. 
Test Yourself HERE and get to know how much you Really Know about the Thai Real Estate Law.

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