ANANDA DEVELOPMENT - Condo and Project Developer 

Ananda - Company Story 

Ananda Development Public Company Limited was founded in 1999 by Chanond Ruangkritya. Ananda has continued to develop its brands and its unique Urban Living Solutions, resulting in it becoming the leading developer of residential projects in close proximity to mass transit stations in Bangkok. Ananda development public company limited develops and sells various real estate project in Thailand .it operates through real estate development management of real estate development project construction service and other segments the company service and car racetrack , real estate and other services, as well as food and beverage it is also involved in the management of juristic person; and manufacture and distribution of building materials as well as advertising production activities the company based in bang phii, Thailand Ananda, achieved this success through its branded products such as "IDEO", first launched in 2007, and "IDEO MOBI" first launched in the first quarter of 2012. Its stylish, modern, and high quality, yet affordable products have led to Ananda becoming one of the best-known property development brands in Bangkok. 

More about ANANDA company 

The Company focuses on a business model with rapid turnover of assets. Prior to a land acquisition, the Company has conducted a feasibility study in terms of location, marketing, reasonable price, cost, and comprehensive cash flow analysis for consideration to select potential land plots which can be developed immediately or in the near term. In addition, the Company has continuously developed innovative product design and construction in order to maximize efficiency, create added value, and respond to customers in all lifestyles.

The Company operates the business with a major business partner, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., which is a leading real estate development company in Japan, to help strengthen the Company’s business on a continuous basis since 2013, that is, the leading innovation has been implemented in design and construction of the Company’s projects which resulted in higher efficiency, cost reduction, as well as outstanding unique design. At the end of 2018, the Company and Mitsui Fudosan have mutually developed a total amount of 30 projects with a total value of 128,000 million Baht. 

In addition to building a clear brand and a strong customer base in the country, the Company has also continued to expand its sales to foreign countries, especially in countries with high purchasing power, such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., which have been well received. In 2018, the Company’s sales from foreign buyers were 10,119 million Baht. Moreover, in 2018, the Company launched 4 projects of serviced apartments in collaboration with a leading global partner, The Ascott Limited, located in Bangkok’s prime locations in order to generate recurring income in the long term.

During the past year, the Company regularly reviewed its operational policy and strategy to be in alignment with its business undertakings amid changing environment and challenging factors both domestic and international. The Company has cascaded the development targets down to the implementation level in all divisions and integrated the action plans within the Company to generate maximum benefits to all stakeholders. 

The Company emphasizes financial discipline constantly with the intention of building the Company's sustainable strength. In this regard, the Company has a policy to maintain a debt to equity ratio at 1 time, together with a high level of cash reserves, which is strong sufficient to support potential risks that may arise in the future.

The Company’s subsidiaries consist of real estate related group companies, including Helix Co., Ltd., The Agent Property Expert Co., Ltd., and The Works Community Management Co., Ltd., as well as lifestyle service group companies, including Bira Circuit One Co., Ltd., Bira Kart Co., Ltd., Bira RT Kart Co., Ltd., and Blue Deck Co., Ltd. All subsidiaries are working in harmony to support and drive the overall business operation of Ananda for sustainable growth.

Ananda Development Public Company Limited is still committed to maintaining its leadership in the construction of condominiums close to mass transit stations, developing landed housing projects on a continuous basis, as well as increasing channels to generate recurring income in accordance with the policy framework of financial discipline in order to build the Company's business strength sustainably.

Vision of company 

The vision of the Company has been revised every three years in order for the Company to achieve sustainable growth targets by taking into account the balance of both quantitative and qualitative rewards for all stakeholders as well as social and environmental responsibilities. The operation of the Company is in accordance with the principles of good governance, ethics, and integrity. A mission statement will be developed annually to reflect the changing environments. The organization is driven by the core competencies of the employees which derived from the experiences during the difficult time of the economic crisis in 1997. At present, the Company has developed the said core competencies into a corporate value of the organization which is embedded in the mind of the employees of all levels

3 - level objective of the company


The objective of the Company is to gain adequate and regular profits from the operation on the basis of good corporate governance and the consideration for profit-sharing to all stakeholders i.e. shareholders, employees, customers, trade partners as well as the society and environment.


The Company has always been aware that the business operation must have the responsibility towards the stakeholders and related parties both internally and externally. The success of the business will depend most importantly on the efficiency of the employees. The Company has committed to developing its employees especially in terms of the awareness on ethics by regularly organizing trainings and workshops. The importance is not only given to the internal personnel of the Company but also those who are involved with the business of the Company including the customers or joint owners residing in the projects of the Company


The operation of the Company as a real estate developer has impacts on the society and environment on various aspects. The Company, therefore, focuses on reducing the impacts of the development of the project during the development process in terms of the construction and transportation and takes care of the environment and quality of life of the residents and neighboring communities after the handover of the project. This has become the primary strategy of the project management and community management of the Company.

care for customers before product handover

The word “customers” usually refer to buyers of products or services of a business. The business operator is bound to be responsible for its customers only from the time that the transaction has been made between the two. However, “customers” of the Company are inclusive of those who are interested in the products, buy the product for residential purpose and buy the product to invest as well as renters. The care for customers of the Company can be divided into two phases, namely, the care for customers before the product handover i.e. from the time that the customers visit the project, sign a contract and make a down payment and the care for customers after the product handover

Value of Product

The product of the Company is the property developed by the Company both in terms of vertical and horizontal projects for residential and commercial purposes. The short-term and medium-term strategies of the Company focus on the development of the residential condominium “product” which responds to the target customers in the middle to lower-middle income group.

The Company gives significance to the strategy to deliver the value of product to the customers in all processes from the design, construction and delivery of product. The Company also takes into account the innovation to enhance the value of product in each process as follows

Project Quality

The construction site must be orderly, and the quality of product must meet expectations of the customers.

Building Cost Management

The Project Management Department must carefully control the construction costs especially indirect costs as well as other construction and operational expenses.

Time to build a new Project

The Project Management Department must control the construction and operational process to be completed in a timely manner within a planned timeframe to reduce costs and risks for customers as well as to shorten the period affecting the environment and society. Environment

 Impacts from all the construction processes on the neighboring communities must be taken into account in order to minimize the impacts on the environment. The Company also ensures the good quality of environment around temporary housing of construction workers to enhance appropriate quality of life. 

Project Safety during construction

Strict safety measures and regulations for construction workers and related parties are in place. There are safety officers in all departments. The trainings to provide knowledge and understanding about safety to construction workers are also regularly organized.

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