Q House Real Estate Property Developer

Introduction to Q House.

Established back on the 21st of October 1983, Q House was registered with an initial capital investment of 1.0 million Baht. One of the major real estate developers in the country, Q House has been participating in the matter of land venture advancement for quality properties including condos, villas and townhouses spread all across Thailand. Under the brilliant insight of Mr Boonsom Lerdhirunwong, Chairman and independent director of Q House and the brilliant 10-member board has placed Q House among one of the top real estate developers in the kingdom.

Headquartered at the 6th and 7th Floor of Q. House Lumpini Building, No. 1 South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Q House is one of the key names that have a clear advantage over the others with its key focus and emphasis on innovative living solutions for the new generation. The principal designer in Thailand, that has helped to apply modern day technologies in private development and has worked seamlessly to bring properties of great value to its clients.

Q House Vision:

Striving to provide customers with quality living solutions, Q House aims to be the foremost catalyst in the real estate market in Thailand to ensure that no homeowner is left behind from the innovation of the products in every segment.

Q House Mission:

As a leading force in the market, Q House has been able to climb to the top thanks to its qualities that they abide by.

  • Product and service quality:

An emphasis on providing quality and excellence to the customer to ensure a direct competitive advantage in the market.

Keen focus on the development and innovation of existing technologies to bring forth greener and more efficient living solutions.

  • Work Life Quality:

Q House is critical of the work culture and environment where the employee improves his skills and brings about maximum performance and exuberance.

  • Personnel:

Complete transparency of operation ensures proper scrutiny at any stage.

 Encouraging employees to sharpen their skills and home in new talents according to their responsibility.

  • Social Quality:

A key focus on sustainability and green technology ensuring to provide the homeowner with a modern and efficient living solution.

Being responsible for the community, Q House has taken up a major role in supporting local communities for their betterment and advancement.

  • Investment Quality:

Inviting and improving investments to ensure proper growth of the company and sustainability of profits in the long run.

Milestones of the Q House:

1983: Q House was established as an integrated construction service provider working primarily on housing projects. The firm was established with an initial capital of only 1 million Baht.

1990: Q House Entered the business of renting properties in the real estate market and began offering living and working spaces on rent and thus diversified to include a new department in this expansion.

1991: Q House got officially enlisted on the Thailand Stock Exchange.

1992: The year saw Q House enter the business of selling land plots and houses to customers.

1993: Soon after enlisting in the Thailand Stock Exchange, Q House was made public in 1993.

1997: With the in suing chaos of the Thailand financial crisis, the business faced several challenges along with the rest of the industry.

1999: This year proved to be a big step as Q House decided to enter into debt restructuring agreements with several financial institutions and commercial banks. Q House was able to successfully comply with the terms of the agreements. Later in 2005, the company was able to repay the complete loan according to the terms of the agreement. This step proved to be a huge financial boost for the organisation.

2001: The growth of the company was evident as Q House decided to increase its capital while offering 20 per cent of its shares amounting to 812 million Baht to the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd. (GIC).

2006: Q House and its subsidiary firms were responsible for selling or leasing properties. They helped to transfer the leasehold rights for two hotels which include the Q.House Ploenjit and Q.House Lumpini, to the Quality Houses Leasehold Property Fund (QHPF). The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the transaction on the 7th of December. Also the same year Q House invested 2045.1 million Baht which translates to 25.66 per cent in the property fund.  Q.H. International Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company was appointed by the Fund Manager to manage such properties for five years with an option to renew the contract.

2012: Jump six years to 2012, Q House and its subsidiaries transferred the property leasehold rights for three hotel projects namely the Centre Point Hotel Pratunam, the Centre Point Hotel Sukhumvit 10 and the Centre Point Hotel Chidlom to the Quality Houses Hotel and Residence Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (QHHR). This transaction was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the second of July. The same year saw Q House investing another 105.28 million units translating to 31.33 per cent equating to 1,050.28 million Baht in the property fund.

After all the investments, Q House set its sights to offer the property on rent or leases under its possession and ownership. The leasehold rights were to be granted by one of the subsidiary firms named Centre Point Hospitality Co., Ltd. Q.H. International Co., Ltd., a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the Company was later appointed by The Centre Point Hospitality Co., Ltd. to manage and administer hotels and serviced apartments over the period of 3 years while offering an option for renewal.

2017: The shareholding of the company fell from 21.34 to 13.74 per cent of total registered and paid-up capital as a result of issuing and selling of new share to the CTBC Bank Co Ltd. by LH Financial Group Public Company Limited.

2018: The Centre Point Hotel Pattaya was opened in December by Casa Ville (Chonburi 2554) Co., Ltd.

List of notable properties by Q House:

  • Casa Ville | Wongwaen-Ramintra: Tucked away in the Sai Mai District in Bangkok, this state of the art living solution offers two storey houses starting from the range of 5 million for the Ballade model which has a living area of 128 sq. m. to the Sonata model for 8.9 million Bhat which has a living area of 162 sq. m. Other models on offer include the Etude which costs around 5.7 million Baht which has 144 sq. m of living area. With easy access to the Chalongrat Expressway and Motorway, getting in and out is as quick as anywhere in Bangkok covering most of the major parts of the city.
  • Laddarom | PhutthamonthonSai1-Bangkae: Dance in the lap of luxury with Q House’s Laddarom. With 96 luxury housing units spread over 44 rai of land, each house is a landmark of simplicity, elegance and modernity. This high class community is found in a prime location near Sathorn and offers easy access to the Blue Line MRT, Phasricharoen Station and Green Line, Bang Wa Station. Prices start from 28,200,000 Baht for the Drago model which has a living area of 397 sq. m. to 17,400,000 Baht for the Montery model which spans 278 sq. m of living area. The community is closely situated to the Singapore International School of Bangkok and Bang Kae Market along with several shopping malls.
  • Laddarom | Wongwaen-Ramintra: Experience class with Q House’s Laddarom. Situated in the Sai Mai District in Bangkok, this modern living solution features 135 units of two storey houses. The prices start from 9.9 million Baht for the Whiston model and stretch all the way to the luxurious Kent model priced at 16.9 million Baht. The community has easy access to the Chalongrat Expressway and Motorway. Experience Single House English Richmond with class leading style to reflect the exceptionality of the individual.
  • Casa Ville | Wongwaen-Chatucho: The answer to a happy lifestyle. This community consists of 266 two storey houses offering a peaceful and sprawling space in the midst of the bustling city. Prices start from 5 million Baht for the Zenith model and stretch all the way to 6.5 million Baht for the Crown model which has a 160 sq. m living area. With easy access to the Sai Mai Road, Hathairat Road and the Chalongrat Expressway and Motorway, the community is a perfect option for residents longing for the answer to happy living.
  • Prukpirom | Rachapruk-Ratanathibet: Wrapped in luxury for those who demand only the best of living experiences, Prukpirom offers single ditched house living solutions for your next luxury address. Primed with innovation and elegance, this project offers homebuyers 89 units under a single project with the option to choose from two distinct property types. This includes the ALMIRA, a four bedroom house with a total living area of 552 sq. m priced at 51 million Baht and the ALCETE which is a 5 bedroom house with a 661 sq. m of living area priced at 82 million Baht. The project has close proximity with several educational institutions like Harrow International School and International School of Bangkok and hospitals like Kasemrad Rattanathibet Hospital and the Nonthavej Hospital.
  • Q House Avenue | Rachapruk-Rama 5:  Your own majestic domicile amid the city. With quality, craftmanship and finesse in mind, the project is the definition of the superior quality of life. This architectural marvel features 214 houses under the project and has six distinct types of houses on offer. PEGASUS offers the most elegant property at 89 million Baht which has 5 bedrooms and an 845 sq. m living area. ARTHENA would be the most affordable yet brilliant choice which is priced at 49.8 million Bhat with four bedrooms and a living area of 525 sq. m. Located in the Bang Khu Wiang Sub-district on the Nakhon main road, the project has easy access to the Srirat Expressway.
  • The Trust Condo | South Pattaya: This ready to move in resort-style living solution offers the best of living and leisure to homeowners. With 609 units in total, the project offers affordable one bedroom living solutions under 1.4 million Bhat. This 24 storeys residential tower is close to major shopping centres and the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and offers great access to major parts of the city.
  • The Trust Condo | Ngamwongwan: Starting from 1.45 million Bhat, the Trust Condo offers modern living solutions near the Srirat Expressway. The project has two distinct property types. The studio apartments offer a living area of 23.4 to 26.2 sq. m while the one-bedroom apartments offer a larger living space between 29.3 to 30 sq. m. The location of the property offers convenient travelling options and is close to the Entrance of Sri Rat Expressway and MRT (Purple Line), Ministry of Public Health and Nonthaburi Government Centre.
  • Q Prime | Sukhumvit 77: With a lush environment and spacious outdoors, the property is the perfect choice for homeowners. The project offers two distinct property types for buyers. GRACIA starts at 6.19 million Bhat which has 3 bedrooms and a living area of 164 sq. m while GRACE starts at 6.89 million Baht which also has a 3-bedroom configuration but a larger living area of 189 sq. m. The project is quite convenient for travel as it has easy access to the Srinakarin Road, Onnuch Road, Soi Sukhumvit 101/1 and Udomsuk Road. The project is also close to two MRT lines (Green line and Yellow line).