Pruksa Land public Organization Constrained

Introduction to Pruksa Project Developer

Pruksa Land public Organization Constrained ("Organization") was established on April 1993, It participates in the matter of land venture advancement for single-isolates houses, condos and apartment suite in Bangkok Metropolitan Locale and likely areas. On April 2005, the Organization changed over itself into an open restricted organization and went into the main exchanging Stock Trade of Thailand (SET) on December 2005, under the ticker "PS". On November 2016, the Organization repudiated from being recorded security in SET.

The Organization is the principal designer in Thailand that has applied present day innovation from remote nations in private development and development the board without anyone else, bringing about the capacity to adequately control the standard nature of works, control development period as plan, and oversee development cost all through the past period. The Organization additionally focuses on ceaselessly creating development innovation and advancement for the conveyance of value and great items and administrations to clients.

Pruksa Company History

Pruksa Land Plc. was established by Mr.Thongma Vijitpongpun on April 1993. It focuses on creating ventures for condos, single-disengaged houses and townhouses. Mr. Thongma Vijitpongpun, the organizer, had gotten his experience and aptitude development from government and private ventures into the matter of the Organization On Walk 16, 2016, Pruksa Holding Open Organization Restricted was enlisted for open organization foundation.

Pruksa Vision

Pruksa endeavors to be the main brand in the psyche of clients. In private land And getting one of the main 10 land brands in Asia By making significant habitations for all families to encounter bliss, warmth, and better carries on with consistently. "

The vision of the Organization has been amended at regular intervals all together for the Organization to accomplish feasible development focuses by considering the equalization of both quantitative and subjective prizes for all partners just as social and natural obligations. The activity of the Organization is as per the standards of good administration, morals and honesty. A statement of purpose will be grown every year to mirror the evolving situations. The association is driven by the center abilities of the representatives which got from the encounters during the troublesome time of the financial emergency in 1997. At present, the Organization has built up the said center capabilities into a corporate estimation of the association which is implanted in the psyche of the representatives everything being equal. 2002 – 2004 Vision To turn into the market chief in the private apartment suite for center to bring down center objective portion

Pruksa Mission

We endeavor to support each client. Satisfy each fantasy about turning into a significant mortgage holder. For a cheerful life in each family


Making inventive advancement: Innovative intuition to make predominant items and administrations that surpass desires. Furthermore, dazzle clients


  • Collaborate all together: Participate all together One so as to make amazing outcomes for clients.
  • Control of work: Order of activity To be finished on schedule, in accordance with the arrangement with quality work.
  • Moral adherence: Our hearts, contemplations, we talk. We represent the advantage of our clients. Reasonable and advantageous to all gatherings included
Milestone of company (2008-2016)

The organization began building its precast solid industrial facility with a semi-computerized bed flowing framework underway the most current innovation in Thailand.


The organization assembled the third plant manufacturing percent steel-fortified solid board with extraordinary component the undertaking esteem is baht 90 million barring land cost and is on stream in June 2008 with 400 cubic meters for every month limit this situates in a similar zone of the first and second plant


The organization has actualized another development innovation called "land fabricating so as to lessen" reliance on work and working hours yet increment in profitability and quality rem process is like vehicle producing process during the development time frame is doled out and answerable for just a vocation in which he is gifted


The organization reported another rendition "with building significant dwelling for every family " to see bliss and family warmth and have a superior day by day life,pruksa is decide to be positioned number one brand in client minds for private land business and become one of the main ten land brands in Asia.


The top managerial staff of pruksa land open organization constrained passed the goals to propose the confining arrangement and setting up a holding organization under the name Purksa restricted

Customers attrition

The result of the Organization is the property created by the Organization both as far as vertical and level undertakings for private and business purposes. The present moment and medium-term procedures of the Organization center around the improvement of the private apartment suite "item" which reaction to the objective clients in the center to bring down center pay gathering.

The Organization offers centrality to the procedure to convey the estimation of an item to the clients in all procedures from the plan, development, and conveyance of items. The Organization additionally considers the development to improve the estimation of the item in each procedure as follows


The building site must be efficient and the nature of the item should meet the desires for the clients.


The project management should cautiously control the development costs particularly circuitous expenses just as other development and operational expense.


The project management must control the development and operational procedure to be finished in an opportune way inside an arranged time span to diminish expenses and dangers for clients just as to abbreviate the period influencing the earth and society. Condition

Effects from all the development forms on the neighboring networks must be considered so as to limit the effects on the earth. The Organization additionally guarantees a decent nature of the earth around the brief lodging of development laborers to upgrade the proper personal satisfaction.


Strict security measures and guidelines for development laborers and related gatherings are set up. There are wellbeing officials in all offices. The trainings to give information and comprehension about wellbeing to development laborers are additionally consistently composed.

PRUKSA HOLDING Brand Imprint Idea

This specific brand mark has been intended to reflect qualities, perspective, and center working rules that pass on brand pictures, vision and different parts that structure the "Pruksa Holding" which is adjusted over all zones of activities.

In such manner, the structure of this brand mark was adjusted from the shape got from the mix and incorporation of worldwide imaginative segments which mirror the being of "PRUKSA HOLDING" in alternate points of view; through the blooming leaves, growing from the tip of the stem. This connotes the start of lives; repeating the way that the Organization's business is identified with living and housing. The state of the rooftop is intelligent of warmth, wellbeing, and lives under the top of a solid and dependable house. Then, the state of development and advancement mirror the Organization's and clients' development and bliss that are expanding constantly.

The Organization is resolved to create homes so as to react to the need of the individuals who fantasy about having their very own place. It is additionally resolved to attempt business to help development to the general public and the country. Under this way of thinking, the Organization is hence all around perceived by various clients, financial specialists, instructive foundations, and broad communications, including business partners The Organization has been accepting honors of respect from different foundations and associations which are trustworthy both locally and universally. All these fill in as verification of the achievement and assurance of the Organization in interminably creating results of value.

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