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The Company began by creating "Lumpini Tower" venture, a 36-story high place of business on L.P.N. Advancement Open Co., Ltd. is the land business administrator with the vision to "become the pioneer in the improvement of urban living arrangement by making and conveying incorporated qualities to L.P.N. Improvement Open Co., Ltd. is the designer of land concentrating on the improvement of private townhouse for the clients in the center to bring down center pay target gathering. The business activity of the Company underlines the corporate natural and social duties along with chance administration to upgrade feasible improvement of the Company.

all partners prompting improvement and manageable development." a year ago of the above vision and the Company has accomplished the objectives in different angles. The Decent Scorecard is utilized as an administration instrument to achieve the harmony between the activity and the feasible development. With respect to the budgetary measurement, the principle salary of the Company has become 7.6% from the earlier year or is equal to the income of 14,350 million THB. The net benefit per share is 1.58 THB which is 5.3% development from 2012. The above salary gets from seven ventures created and finished by the Company in 2013 with the joined estimation of around 14,400 million THB. The Company can keep up the gross benefit at the pace of over 30% by offering significance to cost the executives. At any rate, the Company is as yet influenced by the arrangement of the legislature to bring the lowest pay permitted by law up in the earlier year just as the extension of the advancement of tasks that response to the buying intensity of the center to bring down center salary target gathering.

About LPN Company

The Company underlines great corporate administration in corresponding with creating benefits for supportable development. The Company is positioned by the Protections and Trade Commission and the Stock Trade of Thailand as a Company with Level 5 execution for the fourth back to back year and gets the full score of 100 which is appraised "Great" for the evaluation of the nature of the association of the Yearly Regular gathering of Investors 2012 from the Thai Financial specialists Affiliation. Regarding clients, the Company centers around the administration of clients' encounters and after-deal administration. The business volume of the Company that is the aftereffect of clients' referral and proposals is as high as half. Subsequently, the Company is granted as "The Company with the Most elevated Development Pace of Brand Worth" in the classification of land and development from the Showcasing Office, Personnel of Bookkeeping, Chulalongkorn College.



"LPN Plan" apartment suite units have additionally been acknowledged for its most extreme functionalities. Joining with the model of City Townhouse and apartment suite units at the cost of around one million THB situated close BTS stations, all tasks of LPN make a wonder in the townhouse advertise. The Company can bring the deals to a close of the ventures in the blink of an eye and is exceptional as far as development speed which is finished inside just a single year.


"Lively People group" system is actualized to oversee networks created by the Company. With the trust in the market, the Company begins creating ventures of bigger scope that are furnished with full offices appropriate for city living under the idea of "Little Size Township


The Company is looking for the personality of "Lumpini" brand to set up a technique and build up the brand to be the easily recognized name among city tenants. "Suan Ruam Jai" increases the value of the item as it is an enormous nursery intended to improve a decent personal satisfaction of urban inhabitants and "Energetic People group" concept.The venture advancement is extended to different urban areas, for example, Chonburi, Udorntani and Pattaya. "Lumpini Park Sea shore", another brand, is created as an ocean side end of the week home. "Lumpini Township" is started as the model of the main home in an enormous city.

Property Service provides by LPN

Condo, Townhouse, Building Facility

It is to keep up the effectiveness of regular properties whether it be compositional structure, advantageous offices and different frameworks in the structure for example lift, power generator, electrical framework and sanitation framework. This is under the obligations of the Upkeep Division to take preventive support measures to guarantee that all parts of the structure work typically and are protected to work.

Budgeting that fit for you

It includes the administration of financial plan for townhouse juristic individual. The administration isn't for benefit however to guarantee consistence with the approach affirmed by the Yearly Comprehensive gathering of Joint Proprietors just as to deal with the soundness of the store for the money related dependability of the network. The People group The board Office is liable for the arrangement of the budgetary report that is straightforward, straightforward and auditable and for the administration of normal property that is endorsed by the Yearly Comprehensive gathering of Joint Proprietors to make additional salary. This will enable the juristic individual to diminish the costs on regular property or increment the estimation of the store.

Life quality in LPN Condo

The administration of the personal satisfaction of joint proprietors is as significant as the administration of normal property and spending plan. It includes the support of neatness and consistence with the guidelines of apartment suite to involve the order of living respectively, the consciousness of conjunction in the general public and care and offer culture. Different exercises advancing charitable culture in the general public are composed and help manufacture great relationship among joint proprietors or inhabitants in the network. The Company has likewise welcomed the occupants of encompassing network to take part in the exercises of the networks created by the Company.

Project Security and Safety Management

The Company has built up a severe exhibition standard as far as security. A security unit of the Company is liable for the administration of security and wellbeing inside the network with the technique of keeping up the wellbeing standard of both security officials and hardware, for example, shut circuit television, alert framework and correspondence framework. Interest of network individuals and related government organization is additionally elevated to upgrade the most extreme security of the individuals from the network.

New Project Design That Fit Your Lifstyle

The procedure of the Company is to concentrate on the objective gathering in the center to bring down center pay go, in this way, the cost of the "item" is the significant factor for the dynamic of such gathering of clients. The cost of the apartment suite units must be moderate, in this manner, the Company has structured and built up the "LPN Plan" which is townhouse unit of littler size yet completely utilitarian. Moreover, the Company has structured the arrangement of the activities to be in accordance with LPN Green idea to limit the effects on the earth.

Building Construction Process

In the activity of the property advancement business, the development will no doubt cause genuine effects on the general public and condition from the earliest starting point of the development to the conveyance of the finished units. The development will influence all partners for example clients, development contractual workers, occupants of neighboring networks, development laborers just as nature during development. The Q-C-S-E-S system is therefore settled as a rule for all offices and development laborers to follow

LPN Company Vision

The vision of the Company has been updated at regular intervals all together for the Company to accomplish maintainable development focuses by considering the parity of both quantitative and subjective compensations for all partners just as social and natural duties. The activity of the Company is as per the standards of good administration, morals and uprightness. A statement of purpose will be grown every year to mirror the evolving situations. The association is driven by the center abilities of the representatives which got from the encounters during the troublesome time of the financial emergency in 1997. At present, the Company has built up the said center capabilities into a corporate estimation of the association which is inserted in the psyche of the workers all things considered. 2002 – 2004 Vision To turn into the market chief in the private apartment suite for center to bring down center objective portion.

  • Vision To keep up administration in the market while improving the productivity by creating private apartment suites in an incorporated way for the making of excellent networks.
  • Vision To resolve to keep up the administration in the private apartment suite advancement advertise by making an incorporated an incentive to create reasonable personal satisfaction and guarantee fulfillment of the inhabitants in the networks while additionally continuing an award for investors and partners under great corporate administration standard.
  • Vision To turn into the pioneer in the advancement of urban home by making and conveying incorporated qualities to all partners so as to accomplish the turn of events and maintainable development.

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Lumpini Ville Chaengwatthana - Pakkret
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Lumpini Ville Latphrao - Chokchai 4

Lumpini Ville Naklua - Wongamat

Lumpini Ville Nakhon In - Riverview

Lumpini Ville On Nut – Lat Krabang 2
Lumpini Ville On Nut - Phatthanakan
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Lumpini Ville Phahol - Suthisarn
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Lumpini Ville Phra Mae Maree - Sathorn
Lumpini Ville Prachachuen - Phongphet 2
Lumpini Ville Pranangklao - Riverview
Lumpini Ville Ramintra - Laksi
Lumpini Ville Ramkhamhaeng 26
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Lumpini Ville Sukhumvit 109 - Bearing
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Lumpini Ville Sukhumvit 77
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Lumpini Place Borom Ratchachonni – Pinklao
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Lumpini Place Narathiwas - Chaopraya
Lumpini Place Narathiwas 24
Lumpini Place Phahol - Saphankhwai
Lumpini Place Pinklao 1
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Lumpini Place Rama 4 - Kluaynamthai
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Lumpini Place Rama IX - Ratchada
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Lumpini Place Rama4 - Ratchadapisek
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Lumpini Place Ratchada-Sathu
Lumpini Place Ratchayothin
Lumpini Place Sathorn
Lumpini Place Srinakarin
Lumpini Place Srinakarin - Huamak Station
Lumpini Place Suanplu - Sathorn
Lumpini Place Suksawat - Rama 2
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Lumpini Condo Town Ramindra - Latplakhao
Lumpini Condo Town Ramintra - Laksi
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