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Land and house Company Introduction

Real Estate is a well-established company. You might guess his name is that Land and Houses public limited company are focused on city homes, where other amenities are included, as well as other projects reserved for him. If so, you are right. All Buyers will able to own land or houses in Thailand. But as one of the world's largest developers, LH has hundreds of properties that include all types, styles, and price ranges - including condos. Many LH development methods are sold under Quality Housing (QH). The factories are truly diverse, each listed in Thailand's stock market. They both enjoy the same levels of construction and ownership or.

Land and house Company History

Land and Housing Public Company Limited, founded in 1973, built by real estate development businesses, was established into a limited company on August 30, 1983. The company operates a real estate development business selling dilapidated houses, townhomes and condominiums in Bangkok , on the outskirts and in major provinces such as Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Khonkaen, Nakhonratchasima, Donthani, Hua Hin, Phuket, Mahasarakham and Ayuthaya. They operate a property development business with an initial registered capital of 5 million. The main participants during the launch were Mr Anant Asavabhokhin and Ms. Piangjai Harnpanij. The company was approved for listing on the Thai Stock Exchange on February 17, 1989, and became a listed company on April 1, 1991.

Company expanding

The market expansion in every range of price setting (Segmentation strategy) has enabled the Company to meet more requirements and also increased new market opportunities in different new customer groups, resulting in increase in sale revenue. However, the Company has also expanded its market by targeting New User and launching new projects both in Bangkok and surroundings including in the provinces, while still mainly emphasizes on the good quality of its products including the after sale service which is the Company’s strong point. The Company always takes care of residents in its projects, especially in the areas of security and living conditions. It facilitates communication by setting up a call center and also through the Internet system. The Company also set the work plans for utility  systems to be put in place and have their quality checked  before delivery to buyers. It also supervises the establishment  of the clear juristic person of each project.

The company's new strategy

The Company's first-of-its-kind housing strategy includes continuous marketing and marketing strategies that are still effective and competitive and gain the confidence of its customers. The company also emphasizes how it should respond to customer needs, such as house design, various functions including a project model to respond to the needs of all family members.

The company is always aware of operating under all kinds of customer satisfaction and performance that will lead to a sustainable development project. In the marketing and sales activities, the Company has grown exponentially in expanding the market, both in terms of expansion of its customer base, new market in new potential areas, new lifestyle changes to a high standard Integrated house includes offering different designs from existing designs under VIVE product . Another important concern is that the Company is also focusing on innovation to meet the needs of a better quality of life and increase the efficiency of staff work. The company has also upgraded its operating system to adapt and accelerate all facilities through the implementation of an IT system to assist in operational response in the areas of sales, construction, and services including other categories related to efficient and fast operation.

Attracting a customer to this company

The Company's operations differentiate its products according to the type of product, considering primarily pricing and targeting customers including marketing and support methods so that the Company can best meet the needs of individual customers. The following key concerns are:

Location: The company takes great care of its designated areas for its projects which must meet the needs of the customers in each segment in terms of easy mobility, easy access to public usability, and rotation of projects. Selecting these locations, the Company also considers and distributes its projects to all key locations in Bangkok and surrounding areas to meet the needs of each area and to meet the needs of the customers and a structure that reflects the local and social framework of their old residences, workplaces, and people. The company also emphasizes that it considers segregation of opportunities to increase opportunities and meet the needs of different customer groups. In addition, the Company also prepared this study for its future strategy by conducting research on high potential areas and purchasing land through its Land Bank for future developments which will result in the Company benefiting from global land costs which will lead to higher competition and higher yields. Currently, the Company has a number of closed world sites on BTS / MRT stations.

Household or product strategies: Due to the wide variety of consumer needs in each price segment or of a different type, the Company also places a constant emphasis on conducting research and research on each group's behavior in a forward-looking, forward-looking way. The survey or interview will be conducted for clients on existing projects (residents), visitors to its projects, potential homeowners, and buyers of other programs. All true findings are used to improve products, services, and needs to increase customer satisfaction in all concerns. Currently, several new projects have been introduced from time to time and the new design of the new AirPlus: “Breathable House” is also creating a distinction of the Company's products among other products on the market.

Pricing Policy: From the Company's “pre-sale” strategy that gives the Company a competitive advantage by knowing the actual construction and operational costs that will explain the decision to find the sale price of the products to be competitive. In the pricing system, the Company will consider the market situation in each area and each time period. The company does not have a policy of setting the price for customers to participate where it will result in harm and inequality for customers. The company has set a pricing policy to consider and equate product quality.

Product Quality: The Company recognizes and values ​​the importance of standards in housing and construction including material resources in its plans by setting building standards and inspection procedures that emphasize clear and systematic methods, procedures, and testing to meet the Company's product standards. It also has a clearly stated policy that "every house must pass quality control (QC) to the appropriate standard of the approved company" before sending the customer. Therefore, the quality of product quality starts from looking at construction plans, analyzing the composition of the soil layers, and assessing the quality of each stage of the construction process that should exceed the pre-set targets. In addition, the Company is also concerned about quality building materials used in the project

In addition to construction, the Company also recognizes the environmental value of the project from project planning, in the selection of durable materials, project resources, and other facilities related to residential and most importantly to provide safe occupants of the project. The company also looks at how well the project is maintained to be a good community by laying the foundation for project management and application maintenance before handing it over to residential people so that the project can be a good, cozy experience. communities that are worth living for all the years to come

Customer information

In addition to construction, the Company also recognizes the environmental value of the project from project planning, selection of durable materials, work plans, and other residential properties, and most importantly providing security to its project citizens. The company also looks at how well the project is maintained to be a good community by laying the foundation for project management and application maintenance before handing it over to residential people so that the project can be a good, cozy experience. communities that are worth living for all the years to come

Land and house Company Vision 

Land and Houses’ vision is being a leading property developer in Thailand focusing on building a better living for house buyers and all stakeholders under good governance. The company attaches importance to the whole process starting from the beginning until the delivery of the project and the quality house to the consumer. The company concentrates on research, development, innovation, technology, construction, design, through to material selection and service for building residences that can respond well and appropriately to the changeable needs of the consumer in order that the consumer will have a good quality of life and a better living. In addition, Land and Houses values society, partners, shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders to follow the company’s vision.

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