AP Thailand Property Developer

Company Introduction

AP (Thailand) public Organization Restricted is a main property development organization, offering a wide scope of private properties available to be purchased including townhouse, detached houses, semi-withdrew houses, and condos. Every development venture is situated in a helpful private neighborhood or exceptionally near the focal business region, hence inhabitants have simple access to different goals. We suit the varying needs and ways of life of occupants and are focused on conveying quality plan that fits in with the particular attributes of every local Thailand presents another activity of CSR venture whose points are to be a piece of the advancement of the nation's HR. A large portion of them face a great deal of progressing issues while moving into the new social and physical condition. The most concerning issue for families is finding nice settlement and financing it. AP brings what we specialize in, which is the capability in the making of private space, proposing the new idea of giving advantages for the youthful people who will end up being the fate of our country. AP's come in the shape and type of a 'private space' allowed to the individuals who come to Bangkok to seek after their advantages. direct who have money related challenges are given one-year remain at AP's apartment suites as the organization seeks after them to consume their time on earth together joyfully, imaginatively under a protected living condition.


AP (Thailand) Open Organization Restricted was built up in 1991 to create private tasks in Bangkok Metropolitan Territory (BMA). In 2000, the organization did an indirect access posting through PCM Open Organization Constrained (PCM),

a recorded organization in the Stock Trade of Thailand since January 1994 and changed its name to "Asian Property Advancement Open Organization Constrained (AP)". Preceding the merger, PCM, a precast solid floor maker, was fundamentally possessed via Land and Houses Plc. (LH).AP sold all offers in PCMC to Pre-manufactured Plc., a contractual worker organization and expanded its offers in Pre-constructed Plc. from 19.8% to 64.73%. In 2005, AP balanced its structure to concentrate especially on property advancement by diminishing its offers in Pre-Worked from 64.73% to 43.82%, 24.02%, and, starting at 30 June 2010, 19.96%.

On 23 February 2010, AP sold its whole offers in Quality Development Items Plc. to SCG Building Materials Co., Ltd. Thusly, AP no longer holds an offer in Quality Development Item Plc. AP has propelled another single-disconnected house venture, SOUL, whose unit value ranges between Baht 18-25 million. In addition, we additionally serve a very rich townhouse in a heart of Sukhumvit region called, Galerie lament de 39 which cutoff points to just 88 units beginning from Baht 30 million.

On May 2013, the Organization has changed its name from "Asian Property Advancement Open Organization Limtied" to "AP (Thailand) Open Organization Restricted"

AP Developer Services

Call Center Service

At AP, we run a committed Call Administration offering help administrations for our occupants. Whatever you need, from general requests, demands for home fixes or office support to settling grumblings, we are prepared to help. Our committed staff furnish you with administrations during weekday hours from 08:30-17:30. Then again, you can keep a message during separate from administration hours and our staff will hit you up the following industry day.

Security 24 Hours 

Each undertaking has a group of devoted and experienced supervisory crew is liable for the consideration and help. What's more, the work for you by an expert, for example, fix administrations. Force flexibly issues The group will get the issue from Keen Call Administration has been informed. What's more, the group will locate the correct home to assist take with minding of and take care of the issue.

Team management service

At each task, our profoundly experienced group is explicitly alloted to furnish you with specialized or some other help going from general home fixes to administrations for plumbing, electrical and mechanical issues. Not long after getting your solicitation through the Savvy Call Administration, our group will hit you up to give help and taking care of issues.

Personal Home Counselor

AP Thailand Gathering along with Brilliant, the property the board business pioneer, have united with seven driving accomplices to overhaul Shrewd WORLD with the dispatch of the new 'Individual Home Consultant', a family unit collaborator intended to deal with an extensive scope of home issues and now an advanced stage that answers each part of living at the most elevated industry standard with on-request benefits total with a 'proactive schedule framework' to assist mortgage holders with arranging and check the historical backdrop of arrangements just as a 'client rating framework' that permits clients to rate their fulfillment, improving each home consideration matter. Uncommon triple advancement and markdown worth over Bht 1 million are accessible to support clients.

Framework and strategy

AP Thailand needed to move individuals in the general public to understand the significance of room, and how great space can shape individuals' lives. We at first centered around Klongtoey People group territory, where open space is uncommon and lacking. After an overview, we discovered little plots of ignored and under-used space dispersed in the network, for the most part loaded up with rubbish.

To show up at an answer, we previously examined the requirements of the network. no costly apparatus or hardware. We didn't see the shape and type of the plots of land, which were not ideal square shapes for building sports offices as hindrances. Rather, we decided to use each valuable accessible space by planning the most ideal structures that would permit reasonable play for the contending groups. We took each care not to meddle with the network's day by day lives while making open spaces that are valuable to the network occupants. Regardless of numerous physical difficulties, we likewise created outside wellness gear, with the goal that the football fields become places for multi-ages.

Our point is to make a gradually expanding influence and move both people in general and private segments to concentrate on turning their mastery to add to the general public. With our guideline to underscore on human turn of events, we accept that giving a valuable and creat

Achievement and impact

Until this point, we have been investigating the plausibility of different areas. The task was generally adored by the individuals and press. It was included on BBC, CCTV, NHK, ABC News, and some more. We trust it is on the grounds that houses are general and relatable by all. The idea can be applied to numerous different turns of events and has a solid potential to profit networks around the world. Besides, the task was picked by TIME as a standout amongst other 25 innovations of 2016 around the world. The standards of the honor were straightforward yet important; the development must improve the world. Not long ago, the venture won the Archmarathon Choices, where structural undertakings from everywhere throughout the world sought the prize granted by a renowned board of judges.

All the more significantly, through different neighborhood and global press inclusion, AP Thailand, as one socially capable property designer effectively make open mindfulness and roused different parts to focus on the improvement of open space

Wide vision of organization

"Vision Uncovers 'Venture Develop' activity Reasoning behind the groundbreaking strategy for economical quality"

  1. Design philosophy that focuses on building good quality of life                           
  2. Improve greenery, environment conservation to benefit surrounding society
  3. Joins hands with a professional arborist in a pilot effort to save big trees of over 50 years and
  4. return green areas to Ekkamai communities in ‘Rhythm Ekkamai Estate’ site
  5. Ready to join forces with a green alliance of ‘BIG Trees Project’ and ‘Thailand Urban Tree Network ’ to keep sparking awareness and sharing knowledge on tree care with young people in the ‘AP Grow Day’ event on 30 March at Suan Rot Fai Park.

In view of 'AP World' vision to fabricate a ton of good personal satisfaction through an outline for good personal satisfaction of tomorrow with a perfect environment, what? AP is doing in its center land business keeps on having particularly to do with urban turn of events and personal satisfaction of occupants. Along these lines, the organization can't concentrate exclusively on development structure. Undertaking Develop is a way of thinking AP will use to make an end-all strategy for quality living respectively with a plan of territories inside a task, an emphasis on the most proficient method to increment urban greenery, having an impact in the preservation of nature just as building a general public where open mindfulness is the standard. It begins with the nearest matter. For AP, it begins with sparing large trees along with going about different subtleties in the improvement of a venture. Concerning Musicality Ekkamai Home, a pilot venture under the Undertaking Develop activity – the way of thinking behind the ground breaking strategy for supportable great personal satisfaction, AP has a solid goal to keep the three major downpour trees with the Ekkamai people group for to the extent that this would be possible while hoping to distribute each square inch inside the task to utilize the space. In this way, the organization has chosen to move the trees, each is around 20 meters tall – a comparable to a 8-story building. Khun Taradon Tunduan or Kru Pinnacle, a specialist arborist having some expertise in dealing with enormous trees in the urban scene will be a counsel in control guaranteeing that the movement is a triumph and the trees will keep on developing.

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Aspire Rama 4Life @ Sathorn 10Rhythm Ratchada - Huai Khwang
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